Lessons Terms & Conditions

    1. There is a $30.00 registration fee to activate your account.
    2. Credits for missed lessons. Please plan to attend all lessons and arrive on time. Lessons will be rescheduled at a mutually agreeable time which can be arranged between the teacher and student:
      • If a regularly scheduled lesson happens to fall on one of the below holidays, your EZ PAY account will not be charged for that date. We will happily work to reschedule it for you; your EZ Pay account will be charged the following month for the rescheduled lesson.
        • Easter Sunday
        • Memorial Day
        • July 4th
        • Labor Day
        • Thanksgiving Day
        • Christmas Day
    3. We understand that sometimes, conflicts occur. In addition to the list above, each student will be allowed one make-up lesson per calendar quarter for a lesson that they are unable to attend, beginning the first full quarter after enrollment. Subject to teacher availability.
    4. Please notify the store if you will miss a lesson within 24hrs
    5. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance. All lessons are recorded for safety and quality assurance.
    6. Lesson accounts are set-up on EZ Pay. I hereby authorize Music & Arts Lessons to effect payment for approved monthly fees and charges for the duration of monthly lessons through credit card automatic billing. This authorization is to remain in full effect until Music & Arts Lessons has received written notification of cancellation (which may be provided by email (at the designated email address).
    7. Lesson payments are due and will be billed via EZ Pay prior to the first lesson of each month. You will not receive a bill or statement.
    8. Music & Arts Lessons may, at its option, cancel your enrollment if you do not make timely payments, you fail to show up without notice for two (2) consecutive lessons, or your conduct is rude, improper, or harmful. Termination is effective on the date of notice. In this case, all fees paid are non-refundable and any unpaid fees are immediately due.
    9. Two weeks’ notice is required prior to stopping lessons. Please give your notice directly to a store associate. Final payment is due at the time of stop notification.
    10. If you stop your lessons and then decide to resume within 90 days of the last lesson date, the registration fee will be waived.

Online Lessons

      1. For every lesson, you will be emailed a private, secure link that will start a lesson session with your instructor at the scheduled time.
      2. If you do not receive this email at least two hours before the scheduled start of your lesson:
        • Check your spam/junk folders for the email
        • If you are still unable to locate the email, contact the store
        • Whitelist onlinelessons@musicarts.com

Online Lesson Purchase Refund Policy

Refund Policy: You may receive a refund for lessons and registration fees purchased online under the following conditions:

        • Within 90 days of purchase
        • Lessons have not been registered in a store

For refunds call customer service 888-731-5396.

Policies for Minors

Communications between Music & Arts Lessons staff and with minor students should be between the adult parent/guardian of any minor student and Music & Arts Lessons staff through Music & Arts Lessons operated phone and email addresses Music & Arts Lessons. An adult parent or guardian must accompany any student under 12 years of age upon arrival and departure from every lesson.