Item #1417004 Model #VP-09

Anton Breton VP-09 Standard Bow Rosin Amber

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Long-lasting with just the right amount of friction.

The new VP-09 is the same fine rosin and meets quality standards that you've come to expect from Anton Breton, but it's now encased in a rugged box with a removable lid that helps protect the rosin from damage or breakage and keeps your accessory pocket clean at the same time.

Perfect for the professional, but it is also the perfect solution for school and rental outfits that often experience rough handling at the hands of the young students. It applies easily and offers just the right amount of friction needed to help musicians play more clearly and accurately in tune.

For more than 30 years, this clear amber-colored rosin has proven its worth throughout the globe to players at every level; especially proven to be a valuable tool aiding the learning process. The exceptional quality makes it one of the world's best-selling rosins on the market today.


  • Provides the optimal amount of friction needed for accurate and instantaneous noting
  • Improves grip and tonal possibilities for students the world over
  • 30 gm clear light-colored rosin individually mounted in convenient rugged plastic C-shaped box