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Ashdown Guy Pratt Signature Tri Band Compressor Effects Pedal Blue


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Versatile compressor developed in collaboration with Guy Pratt.

The Ashdown Guy Pratt Tri Band Compressor pedal is the signature effects pedal from the bass legend. Designed as a 'one size fits all' compression pedal, the Guy Pratt Compressor, or Machiatto, uses a personalized compression ratio (Guy’s ‘special blend’) with 3-bands of available EQ: Dark, Medium and Light – or Bass, Middle and Treble. The Macchiato retains the expression you put into the playing but simply compacts the dynamic range by a set ratio, irrespective of the overall level. The Macchiato Compressor also contains a Subsonic Filter switch that reduces specific frequencies which can sometimes interfere with elements of the stage and can damage speakers in ported cabinets through over excursion. The compression that’s available from Guy’s Signature pedal actually works as a boosted EQ, which really makes the bass sing. It’s one of the tightest compressors available.
  • Rotary 3-band EQ: Dark, Medium and Light (Bass, Middle and Treble)
  • Subsonic Filter switch - Reduces specific (unwanted) frequencies
  • 18 volt – Power Supply Required