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Ashdown Stuart Zender Funk Face Signature Effects Pedal Silver


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Signature funk effects pedal from Jamiroquai bassist, Stuart Zender.

The Ashdown Stuart Zender Funk Face is the signature effects pedal of the British bass player. Regarded as one of Britain’s great bassists, Stuart Zender is best known for being one of the founding members and the original bass player of funk band, Jamiroquai. Hand made in the UK Custom Shop the Ashdown Stuart Zender Funk Face is a dedicated bass twin dynamic filter pedal that’s fully qualified on producing those distinctive choppy “Virtual Insanity” type bass grooves. A simple 3-knob and 2-switch layout makes it easy to capitalize when those funky moments strike, while the Funk Face’s ‘Sensitivity’ rotary control allows the player to shape the exact effects response and the ‘Output’ knob allows you to decide just how much of it you want. Dependent on your playing style, attack and dynamics, tweaking the Output and Sensitivity controls in unison allows a range from subtle filtering to a fully responsive “Funk Bass in your Face” Auto Wah.Real Valve Driven Distortion.
The 12AX7 powered ‘Valve’ drive distortion switch can be selected by foot to naturally enrich the harmonics of the Funk Face pedal, whilst the Wah effect is also footswitchable.
A strategically placed switch on the right ride of the pedal allows the player to decide on whether the valve overdrive is added pre or post-wah, providing yet more tonal opportunities. At the rear-end is a simple 3/4" jack in and jack output. This 18-volt pedal can run off a 9-volt supply in limiting situations, however 18-volt is recommended. The SZ Funk Face is built for the road with metal casing, premium controls and switches.