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Azumi AZ2 Intermediate Flute Offset G


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The flute that grows with you.

Designed by Altus founder and flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka, the Azumi AZ2 Intermediate Flute from Azumi is a high-quality step-up instrument designed to inspire dedicated students. Featuring open-hole keys and Azumi's signature Z-cut sterling silver headjoint, the AZ2 produces a warm, resonant tone and responsive playability. You'll achieve better intonation, clearer articulation and gain a new level of control over dynamics. The AZ2's ergonomic keywork is suited for all hand sizes so you can focus on technique instead of struggling with hard-to-reach keys.

Available with Offset or Inline G key
The availble offset G key moves the G key slightly forward, allowing your hands to rest in a more natural position. Your fingers will move more efficiently between notes, reducing strain. You can also choose and Inline G configuaration, allowing you to have whichever key position that best suits your hands

Open-Hole Keys for flexibility
The open holes give you tight control over pitch. Comibned with the Altus/Bennet scale, open hole keys make playing in tume easier

Sterling Silver Headjoint for a Rich, Warm Tone
The AZ2 features the Altus Z-cut sterling silver headjoint, which produces a rich, full-bodied tone. The dense silver material adds warmth and resonance for an exceptionally musical sound. Azumi's Z-cut design allows for a broad tone with a quick response in all registers of the flute.

Pointed Key Arms and Ergonomic Design
Elegant pointed key arms provide strength, a dependable seal, and even pad wear for a lifetime of playability. The AZ2's ergonomic keywork is designed to suit flutists of all hand sizes, reducing discomfort from extended practice sessions. You'll be able focus on technique instead of struggling with hard-to-reach keys.

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