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Bach Tuba/Sousaphone Mouthpiece 12


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Take your playing to new heights.

The Bach tuba/sousaphone mouthpiece delivers a bold, powerful tone and playing experience like no other. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it combines precision engineering with top-quality materials to produce unmatched tonal richness, projection and control. Its deep cup and wide, rounded rim provide extreme comfort during long rehearsals and performances. Suitable for a wide range of musical styles and playing techniques, this mouthpiece enhances your sound whether you're in a marching band or concert setting.

Deep Cup Produces a Rich, Sonorous Tone
The Bach mouthpiece's deep cup helps produce a dark, resonant tone with enormous volume and projection. Its substantial size puts it between an 18 and 22, providing a full, impactful sound ideal for the lower registers of the tuba or sousaphone. The cup's depth and diameter deliver a tone quality sought after by musicians looking to bring a sense of grandeur and power to their playing.

Precision Engineering and High-Quality Materials for Flawless Performance
Bach has been crafting brass mouthpieces for generations, combining precision engineering with the finest materials for unparalleled performance. The Bach tuba/sousaphone mouthpiece is no exception, boasting a design and construction that provides consistent, flawless results. Its silver-plated finish protects against tarnish and corrosion while contributing to an open, resonant sound. With Bach, you can rely on mouthpieces built to the highest standards and backed by a reputation of excellence.

Comfortable Fit for Extended Play
The Bach mouthpiece's wide, rounded rim offers a comfortable fit for extended playing during rehearsals, performances and solo practice sessions. Its substantial yet ergonomic shape provides a secure yet flexible feel that won't fatigue your embouchure, even during marathon performances. The rim's width also aids in producing the mouthpiece's signature bold, voluminous tone. Overall, the Bach mouthpiece's thoughtful design ensures an exceptional playing experience on all fronts.

A Must-Have for Serious Players
For generations, Bach mouthpieces have been a must-have for serious brass players looking to elevate their musical expression. The Bach tuba/sousaphone mouthpiece continues this tradition, delivering unparalleled performance and tonal qualities that bring out the best in your playing. Experience the difference for yourself—choose Bach.

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  • Model No. / Depth of Cup / Depth of Cup / Approx. Cup Dia. / Rim Shape / Description
  • 7 / Deep / Medium / 33.25 mm / Medium wide / A large mouthpiece with full, lively tone and a splendid low register, for players with a strong embouchure. Recommended for large-bore instruments.
  • 12 / Deep / Medium / 32.75 mm / Medium wide / Fairly large diameter, producing a big, vivid tone.
  • 18 / Deep / Medium / 32.10 mm / Medium wide / Best-selling mouthpiece for all-around work. Has an even high register, substantial tone of excellent carrying power.
  • 22 / Deep / Medium / 31.60 mm / Medium wide / Slightly smaller than No. 18. Recommended for use in school bands.
  • 24W / Deep / Medium / 31.25 mm / Wide, well rounded. / A versatile mouthpiece with lively tone, suitable for school bands.
  • 24AW / Deep / Deep / 31.25 mm / Wide, well rounded. / An excellent mouthpiece whenever a sonorous, dark tone quality of enormous volume is desirable.
  • 25 / Deep / Medium / 30.60 mm / Medium wide / A fairly small mouthpiece suitable for young students.
  • 30E / Deep / Medium shallow / 30.00 mm / Medium wide / A small mouthpiece requiring little volume of air. For the young student with a small mouth.
  • 32E / Deep / Medium shallow / 29.50 mm / Medium wide / A small mouthpiece for the lightweight bass horn, or for the less robust player seeking a robust tone.
  • With the exception of the "junior" mouthpieces, Nos. 30E and 32E, Bach tuba mouthpieces can be used equally well on BB-flat and E-flat tuba. There is no good reason for making mouthpieces for E-flat tuba any smaller or shallower, because a player using an E tuba actually transposes a fourth and uses the instrument in the lower register, for which a larger-sized mouthpiece is to be given preference. Nos. 7, 18, 24W and 24AW have larger backbores.

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