Item #1160616 Model #1084MOD

BAE 1084 Module Standard

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Authentic re-creation of the Neve 1084 in a 10-series module.

BAE Audio is known for manufacturing high-end microphone preamps and EQs that are faithful to original vintage designs from the 70s and earlier. BAE prides itself on using high-end transformers for their products, and everything is kept as close to the vintage philosophy as possible. Not only does BAE choose the highest quality components, they also insist that everything is hand-wired/soldered using discreet electronics and not economized on a circuit board.

The BAE 1084 is as authentic as you can get to the original, featuring the same St Ives (Carnhill) transformers as the vintage modules, Elma switches and Canford wire.

The BAE 1084 looks identical to the original vintage module and will happily retrofit in vintage Neve 80 Series consoles because the entire product is engineered in exactly the same way as the originals: the same chassis construction, connectors, printed circuit board layouts, hand-wired looms, and circuitry.
Frequency Response
  • 10Hz to -3dB at 55kHz
3 Band Equaliser
  • HF:+/-16dB fixed frequency shelving at 10kHz, 12kHz and 16kHz
  • LF: +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies of 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz & 220Hz
  • MF: +/-18dB peaking, fixed 'Q' with, selectable centre frequencies of 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz & 7.2kHz
High Pass Filter
  • 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz & 300Hz
Low Pass Filter
  • 6kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz, 14kHz, & 18kHz
Mic Input Impedance
  • 1200/300 ohms
Line Input Impedance
  • 10k ohms
    Input Impedance
    • 150k ohms
    Output Impedance
    • 65 ohms
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio
    • 100dB min @ 60Hz
    Maximum Output Level
    • +27.4 dBu @ 600 ohm
    Power Requirements
    • 115/230 VAC, 28W
    Gain dB
    • 0 to 80 dB
    Equivalent Input Noise
    • -110 dBu; Unweighted 300kHz Bandwidth
    Phase Button
    • 180 degrees


    • High Frequency: +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies
    • Low Frequency: +/-16dB shelving with selectable frequencies
    • Mid Range: +/-12dB or +/-18dB peaking with switchable 'High Q', selectable centre frequencies
    • High Pass Filter: 18dB per octave slope, switchable between 45Hz, 70Hz, 160Hz & 360Hz
    • EQ Button: Switches the equaliser on or off
    • Phase Button: 180