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Behringer 911 Envelope Generator Eurorack Module Standard

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An authentic reproduction of Modular 55, 35 and 15 series generators.

The Behringer 911 Envelope Generator module brings authentic vintage envelope shaping to your Eurorack modular synth setup. With the 911, sculpt dynamic, organic envelopes just like the classic modular systems of the 1970s. The 911 features 4 independent controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, giving you deep control over contouring. Create punchy, percussive sounds or long, evolving drones. Connect an external keyboard via the trigger input to play the 911. Then route its output to other modules like oscillators and filters to modulate their sound over time. As a 1U module, the 911 integrates seamlessly with any Eurorack case. Finally, experience the warmth of analog at an affordable price. The Behringer 911 Envelope Generator lets you add vintage envelope control to your modular rig.

Sculpt Expressive Envelopes With 4 Controls

Shape the dynamics of your modular synth patches with the 911's dedicated Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls. Craft fast punchy envelopes to create rhythmic pulses and percussive sounds. Or extend the Attack and Decay for evolving textures that slowly reveal new tonal colors over time. Set the Sustain anywhere from 0 to 5V to determine the held level after the Decay phase. Then adjust the Release to fade out the sound smoothly, or abruptly end each note. With the 911's flexible 4-stage envelope, you can capture the fluid, organic quality of vintage analog synths in your music.

Trigger Input Connects External Keyboards

Play the 911 Envelope Generator using keyboards and other input devices by connecting them to the trigger input. Send note on/off messages via a 3.5mm TS cable from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer to generate envelopes. Each new key press will re-trigger the envelope, letting you perform dynamic articulations in real time. Use long Decay and Release settings while playing legato or staccato riffs to hear how the envelope shapes each note uniquely. Connect modular system clocks, LFOs or sequencers to the 911 for rhythmic modulation possibilities. The trigger input makes the 911 a versatile tool for dynamic sound design.

Eurorack Compatible for Modular Synth Integration

The 911 Envelope Generator fits perfectly into any Eurorack modular synthesizer case. Following the classic Eurorack standards, the module is secured with included screws and connects to power with the built-in ribbon cables. Now you can add the 911's vintage-inspired envelope shaping to your custom modular configuration without hassle. Combining analog modules lets you build your dream synth at an affordable price. Add the 911 to your VCOs, VCFs, sequencers and other modules for total sound design flexibility. Whether you're just starting out with Eurorack or are an experienced modular synth user, the 911 is an essential envelope module.

Analog Warmth at an Accessible Price

Experience the rich, fluid sound of authentic analog envelopes, without paying a premium. As an authentic reproduction of classic modular system envelope generators, the 911 provides vintage tone at a fraction of the cost of original units. Warm, responsive analog circuitry brings your modular patches to life, adding expression and movement. The 911 module gives you an affordable way to complete your Eurorack modular synth, enabling complex patches with dynamic envelopes. Create sounds that are uniquely your own with the Behringer 911 Envelope Generator.


  • Vintage-sounding 911 ADSR module from the '70s
  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the Modular 55, 35 & 15 Series
  • Artist roster includes world's most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians
  • Trigger in and CV out connectors for integration with your other modules
  • 4 independent controls for T1 (attack), T2 (decay), T3 (release) and sustain provide full control of envelope signal
  • Time intervals from 2 ms-10 sec allows for both snappy percussive sounds and evolving drones
  • Eurorack specs: 8 HP, 30 mA +12 V, 30 mA -12 V
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.