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Behringer 961 Analog Multi-Channel Trigger Converter Module for Eurorack Standard

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Legendary analog multi-channel trigger converter module for Eurorack.

The Behringer 961 interface module brings vintage modular synthesizer connectivity to your modern Eurorack system. With its all-analog discrete circuitry, the 961 Interface authentically reproduces the sound of classic modular synthesizers from the 1970s. The module converts 24 channels of vintage V-trig signals into Eurorack-compatible S-trigs with two banks of inputs for flexible routing options. Adjust the sensitivity and switch-on time with precision using the dedicated controls. Whether you're looking to integrate vintage gear into your setup or recreate classic modular sounds, the Behringer 961 Interface bridges the past and present.

Converts Vintage V-Trigs to S-Trigs for Eurorack Compatibility

The 961 interface allows you to connect vintage modular synthesizers that use V-trig gates to your modern Eurorack system. With its discrete analog circuitry, it faithfully converts the V-trig signals into S-trigs that are compatible with Eurorack modules. This makes it easy to integrate your classic synths into a contemporary modular rig. Use the 961 Interface to unlock the creative potential of combining vintage and modern modular gear.

24 V-Trig Inputs in Two Banks for Flexible Routing

The interface module features 24 V-trig input channels, split into two banks of 12 channels each. This flexible input routing lets you connect multiple vintage synths and route their gates independently. Assign synths to different banks or use one bank for drums and one for keyboards. With dual S-trig to V-trig converters, you can also use the 961 Interface to control vintage gear with S-trig outputs from your Eurorack system.

Sensitivity and Switch Time Controls for Precision

To dial in your vintage synth's conversion with accuracy, the 961 Interface provides sensitivity and switch-on time controls. The sensitivity knob adjusts the input gain for the incoming audio signal. The switch-on time knob sets the length of the S-trig "on" signal when converting V-trigs. Use these to optimize the tracking and behavior when integrating with your Eurorack setup. The 961 gives you the precision you need to recreate those classic vintage synth sounds.

All-Analog Discrete Circuitry for Authentic Vintage Sound

Using all-analog discrete components like the originals, the 961 Interface delivers the same warm, musical sound as classic modulars. The discrete transistor circuitry avoids the sterile sound of integrated analog chips. When you convert those vintage V-trigs with the 961 Interface, you'll hear the richness and character that made those classic synths so iconic. Integrate the past and present with vintage modular authenticity.


  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the "Modular 55" Series
  • Artist roster includes world's most famous pop, rock and jazz musicians
  • Dual multichannel V-trig to S-trig converter
  • Dual S-trig to V-trig converter
  • Audio to V-trig converter
  • Variable switch on delay controls for Column B V-trig inputs
  • Control for setting audio sensitivity for V-trig conversion
  • Eurorack specs: 21 HP, 50 mA +12 V
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.