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Behringer BEQ700 Bass Graphic Equalizer Pedal Standard

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Bring out the best of your bass with this extensive equalizer pedal.

The Behringer BEQ700 gives you immense tonal control over your bass guitar, letting you shape and enhance your core tones with surgical precision. This pedal features 7 frequency bands spanning the bass guitar's most critical tonal range, each with +/-15dB of smooth, responsive boost/cut. Optimized for bass, the BEQ700 lets you accentuate the warmth, clarity and punch exactly how you want it.

Sculpt Your Sound With 7 Focused Frequency Bands

The BEQ700 gives you 7 bands of strategic frequency control to sculpt the perfect bass sound. The low end 50Hz band adds thump and rumble, while 120Hz fills out the soft bass tones. The 400Hz mid band punches up the core hardness and 800Hz lets you dial in an aggressive edge. The 500Hz band shapes the overall warmth and clarity. At the top end, 4.5kHz helps cut through the mix, while 10kHz accentuates the upper harmonics. With so much tonal control at your fingertips, you can make your bass sit perfectly in any mix.

Noise-Free Switching and Indicators For Clean Operation

The BEQ700 features a silent switching circuit so you can activate the EQ without unwanted noise or popping. Handy LEDs indicate when the effect is engaged and show battery levels, giving you noise and hassle-free operation on stage or in the studio. Just step on the switch and shape your tone, without any unwanted artifacts.

Dial In Your Signature Bass Tone

If you want to make your bass cut through any mix or find the perfect sound for any room, the BEQ700 is essential. With its focused frequency bands and generous 15dB boost/cut range, you can eliminate problem frequencies or bring out the ideal tonal qualities. Whether warming up the low mids or adding brilliance to the highs, the musical BEQ700 gives bassists the tools to create their ultimate tone.


  • 7 Bands of equalization
  • Designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Wide frequency range from 50 Hz to 10 kHz with a powerful 15 dB boost/cut per band
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
  • First-class electronic On/Off switch for noise-free operation
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by Behringer Germany