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Behringer Four LFO 4-Channel LFO Eurorack Module Standard


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Modulate and shape your modular synths with four LFOs.

The Behringer FOUR LFO puts the power of four voltage-controlled low frequency oscillators right at your fingertips. Designed to fit standard Eurorack cases, this compact module is based on Xaoc Devices' open-source Batumi and gives you four separate LFOs to shape and sequence unique textures. With tap tempo and reset/sync inputs per channel, you've got options galore.

Sculpt Sounds With Assignable Waveforms

The FOUR LFO serves up a flexible palette for you to paint original sounds. Each of the four LFOs gives you independent control over the waveform. Choose from saw, ramp, triangle and trapezoid waves to modulate your Eurorack modules and effects. Synth parameters like filters, amplitude and more become living, breathing elements. The waveform options coupled with the frequency range, tap tempo and phase controls give you the tools to craft everything from subtle, natural evolution to rhythmic pulsations to radical, otherworldly warbles.

Dial In Frequencies From Tight to Expansive

Having control over the LFO rate is crucial. The FOUR LFO delivers, with frequency ranges that span from tight, punchy 500Hz all the way to a slow 28 hours. Apply tight, fast LFO sweeps to create rhythmic gated effects. Or choose a mellow setting for long, evolving drones. The extended frequency control makes it easy to sync LFOs to the tempo of your session. Additionally, the zoom function lets you hone in on specific ranges when doing intricate sound design.

Mix With Eurorack Synths and FX

The FOUR LFO fits neatly into a standard Eurorack case thanks to its compact design. Connect the power cables to your rack's supply. Then patch the FOUR LFO into your favorite modules and effects using the 3.5 mm jacks. Create synth tones, sequence filters, add movement to delays—the options are limited only by your imagination. The FOUR LFO integrates seamlessly, opening new dimensions for your Eurorack creations.

  • Type: Quad LFO with Assignable Waveforms
  • Waveforms: Sine, Square, Assignable
  • LFO: Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Trapezoid
  • Controls: 4 x Faders, 1 x Mode Switch, 1 x Assign Switch, 1 x Function Button
  • Analog Inputs: 4 x 1/8" TS (CV), 4 x 1/8" TS (reset/sync)
  • Analog Outputs: 4 x 1/8" TS (sine), 4 x 1/8" TS (assign), 4 x 1/8" TS (square)
  • HP Size: 12HP
  • Power Usage: +12V/95mA, -12V/69mA
  • Power Supply: Requires Eurorack case and power supply