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Behringer STUDIO 50USB 5" Powered Studio Monitors With USB (Pair) Standard

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Bi-amplified studio monitors with USB for pure digital audio.

The Behringer Studio 50USB 5" powered studio monitors deliver professional-grade audio reproduction for computer-based music production and multimedia applications. With 150W of bi-amplified power and a matched woofer/tweeter design, the Behringer Studio 50USB monitors provide ultra-linear frequency response so you can hear every nuance in your mixes and compositions. The included USB connectivity lets you hook up the Studio 50USB directly to your computer or mobile device for pure digital transfer, while XLR, TRS and RCA inputs accommodate analog gear like keyboards, mixers and more. Magnetically shielded drivers allow placement near video monitors without interference, giving you flexibility in your studio setup. At this affordable price point for a pair, the Behringer Studio 50USB monitors make it easy to upgrade the sound quality of your home recording rig.

Bi-Amplified Design Provides Accurate Sound Reproduction

With 150W of digital power delivered through separate amplifiers for the tweeter and woofer, the Behringer Studio 50USB monitors reproduce your audio with exceptional clarity across the frequency spectrum. The amplifiers are tailored specifically to each driver for optimized efficiency and ultra-linear response. You'll hear the true character of your mixes, giving you the accuracy you need for production work.

Connect Easily via USB or Analog Inputs

The Studio 50USB monitors feature a USB input that allows direct digital connection to your computer, eliminating cable clutter and signal loss that can occur with analog hookups. You also have the flexibility to connect analog devices like keyboards, mixers and MP3 players via the rear-panel XLR, 1/4" TRS and RCA inputs. The versatile I/O options let you integrate the Studio 50USB monitors into any studio setup.

Shielded Design Allows Placement Near Monitors

With their magnetically shielded drivers, the Behringer Studio 50USB monitors can be placed close to computer monitors and TV screens without causing interference. This gives you more options for positioning the speakers in your studio or multimedia workstation. The elegant and compact design blends into any workspace esthetically as well.


  • Ultra-linear 2-way digital monitor speakers ideally suited for studios and multimedia workstations
  • True bi-amping mode with four amplifiers for ultimate sound resolution
  • 150 watt of digital power amplification
  • Ultra-high resolution 1" silk-dome tweeter for ultimate sound reproduction
  • Long-throw 5" woofers with deformation-resistant Kevlar cone for ultimate bass response
  • Advanced waveguide technology provides ultimate sound dispersion and extremely large œsweet spot