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Behringer TD-3-MO-SR Analog Bass Line Synthesizer - Silver Standard


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A modded bass synth that unleashes your creativity.

The Behringer TD-3-MO-SR analog bass synthesizer puts the iconic acid bass sound in your hands. With its pure analog signal path, authentic VCO, VCF and VCA filters, the TD-3-MO-SR recreates the legendary tones of the TB-303. The 16-step sequencer and arpeggiator let you program catchy bass lines and explore new rhythmic ideas. When you're ready to design your own fat, funky bass tones, the Behringer TD-3-MO-SR is the affordable analog synth that unleashes your creativity.

Authentic Analog Filters

The pure analog signal path of the TD-3-MO-SR, complete with authentic VCO, VCF and VCA filters, recreates the classic acid bass sound that defined genres. Use the sawtooth and square waveforms of the Voltage Controlled Oscillator to add gnarly grit or clean punch to your bass. Shape the filter cutoff, resonance, decay and accent controls to put your unique stamp on the tone. The four-pole low-pass filter can scream with resonance or mellow out with a deep, rich thump.

Modded-Out for Unlimited Sonic Possibilities

With its mods, the TD-3-MO-SR opens up worlds of new bass tones. Control the filter via MIDI CC messages for radical real-time morphing. Set the variable slide time for anything from quick blips to long, dreamy glides between notes. Use the accent sweep to rhythmically modulate your sound. The soft attack control lets you shape punchy or gentle onsets, while the sub oscillator piles on an extra octave of bass depth.

Step Sequencer and Arpeggiator Inspire Endless Grooves

The built-in 16-step sequencer makes it easy to program catchy bass lines and experimental rhythmic patterns. Save up to 250 patterns and trigger them on the fly. In Keyboard Mode, enter your sequence exactly how you want it played back or use Step Mode for on-the-fly composition and tweaking. Additionally, the arpeggiator creates ever-evolving bass effects.

Polychain Units for Expanded Creative Freedom

While the TD-3-MO-SR plays one note at a time, you can polychain multiple units together. Connect up to 16 TD-3-MO-SR synths to massively expand the polyphony while retaining analog richness. Playing stacked bass patches opens new doors for chordal grooves and evolving textures. For studio producers or live performers, it multiplies the creative freedom.


Pure analog signal path, 16-step sequencer and authentic VCO, VCF and VCA filters MIDI C/C controllable filter, variable slide time control, three-mode Sweep Speed switch, Accent Sweep Switch, Soft Attack control Onboard sequencer with 7 tracks, 250 patterns across four groups 16-note Poly Chain function for 16-voice polyphony