Item #1474815 Model #000-CAP02-00010

Behringer X-TOUCH ONE, Universal Control Surface with Touch-Sensitive Motor Fader and LCD Scribble Strip Standard

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A feature-rich MIDI controller that streamlines your workflow.

The Behringer X-Touch One universal control surface puts the power of a professional mixing console right at your fingertips. With its touch-sensitive, motorized fader and dynamic LCD scribble strip, you'll have pinpoint accuracy over your mixes. The 34 illuminated buttons provide quick access to critical functions while the 8 rotary encoders with LED rings give you tactile control over effects parameters. Transport controls like play, record and stop integrate seamlessly with your DAW, allowing smooth operation. Built-in support for widely used protocols such as HUI and Mackie Control means the X-Touch One works with all major music production software. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to produce music anywhere inspiration strikes.

Mix Precisely With Motorized Fader

The 100mm touch-sensitive motorized fader on the X-Touch One gives you fine-tuned command over your mix levels. Its smooth, responsive action lets you make subtle adjustments to get vocals sitting just right or dial in the perfect blend on your instrument tracks. The dynamic LCD scribble strip displays track names, parameter values and more, providing constant visual feedback on what you're tweaking in real-time. Whether you're performing delicate volume rides or crafting seamless transitions between tracks, the motorized fader provides the accuracy and control you need.

Access Critical Functions With Illuminated Buttons

The X-Touch One puts 34 illuminated buttons at your fingertips, granting quick access to the functions you need most. Mute and solo buttons let you cut or isolate tracks on the fly while channel select keys make navigating your session a breeze. Eight user-assignable buttons can be customized to control plug-ins, instruments or other parameters. Large transport controls for play, record, stop and more are designed for smooth operation, integrating tightly with your DAW. The buttons light up in different colors to provide instant visual feedback on status, keeping your focus on the music.

Shape Your Sound With Rotary Encoders

When it comes to sculpting sound, nothing beats having dedicated rotary encoders. The X-Touch One provides eight of them, each with an LED ring that displays the current setting. Use them to dial in just the right amount of reverb on your vocals, sweep the filter cutoff on a synth pad or adjust the delay time to sync up with the song tempo. The tactile encoders respond smoothly to every turn, letting you shape effects and deepen your sound with precision. Whether you're producing electronic music or recording a full band, having hands-on control over effects makes all the difference.

Work Seamlessly With Any DAW

The X-Touch One integrates tightly with all major DAWs thanks to its support for widely adopted protocols like HUI and Mackie Control. Setting it up is as easy as plugging in a USB cable - no drivers required. The transport controls, faders, rotary encoders and buttons map automatically, allowing you to focus on making music rather than configuring hardware. Whether you use Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Pro Tools or another DAW, you can rely on the X-Touch One to work seamlessly right out of the box.


  • Universal DAW Remote Control for Studio and Live applications
  • 34 dedicated illuminated buttons for direct access of key functions
  • Supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software
  • 8-segment LED meter for precise level control
  • Various assignment presets that support every major DAW
  • Large jog/shuttle wheel and tape-style transport controls for intuitive operation