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Berp Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece for French Horn Standard


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Achieve your best French horn tone through convenient mouthpiece practice.

The Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece for French Horn by Ultimate B. . . is an innovative practice tool designed to help horn players of all skill levels develop proper embouchure and improve tone. This next-generation model attaches directly to your French horn's leadpipe, allowing you to buzz on the mouthpiece at the exact angle and position as when playing. An adjustable resistance dial lets you mimic the feel of the instrument for the most realistic practice experience.

Innovative Design for Realistic Practice
With the B. . . , you can practice buzzing on your mouthpiece while fingering the notes, identifying areas that need improvement. The resistance is adjustable to match how it feels to play your specific horn. Practicing in this way helps build muscle memory and trains your embouchure. Over time, you'll gain control, improve your tone and increase your endurance.

Develop Proper Technique at Any Skill Level
Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or professional player, using a B. . . is one of the best ways to develop fundamentals. Beginners can establish good habits from the start, while more advanced players can refine their technique. The B. . . provides an ideal solution for low-volume practice when playing your horn isn't possible. Over 30,000 brass musicians worldwide have benefited from using the original B. . . .

Next-Generation Model Based on 12 Years of Research
The Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece for French Horn is the result of over a decade of research and feedback from dedicated B. . . users. This updated model provides an even more realistic playing experience to help you achieve your best tone and performance.

Convenient and Portable
The B. . . attaches and removes easily from your horn's leadpipe for convenient storage and transport. You can use it at home, in a practice room or on the go.

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