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Berp Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece for Small Shank Trombone / Medium Shank Euphonium Small/Medium


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A revolutionary practice aid for brass players seeking to perfect their craft.

The New Ultimate B. . . . is the culmination of over a decade of research and user feedback, resulting in the finest tool for building embouchure and improving tone. This next-generation model attaches directly to your small shank trombone or medium shank euphonium leadpipe, allowing you to buzz on the mouthpiece at the precise angle and position as when playing. The adjustable resistance dial mimics the feel of your instrument to help you identify and address issues with air, embouchure, intonation or range.
Silent Practice Anywhere
The B. . . . allows for quiet practice in any environment, eliminating the need to assemble your instrument. Simply attach the B. . . . to your leadpipe, place your mouthpiece in the receiver and buzz away. The resistance dial provides the playing feel of your specific instrument, whether beginner student model or professional symphonic trombone. Discrete, portable and simple to use, the B. . . . gives you the freedom to perfect your craft anywhere, anytime.
Improved Tone and Technique
With regular use of the B. . . . brass players of all skill levels will develop better tone, improved pitch accuracy and an expanded range. The adjustable resistance dial allows you to start with a lighter resistance for basic buzzing and gradually increase the resistance as your embouchure strengthens. Sliding to each note as you buzz helps to connect the feel of the slide positions to the pitch. Over time, you'll be able to play entire songs using just the mouthpiece.
30,000 Users Can't Be Wrong
The B. . . . is the favorite practice tool of 30,000 brass professionals and students worldwide. After 12 years of research and feedback, this latest model incorporates suggestions from dedicated B. . . . users seeking an even more realistic playing experience. The result is an unparalleled tool for building a superior embouchure and exceptional tone.
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Why wait to take your playing to the next level? Order the New Ultimate B. . . . for small shank trombone or medium shank euphonium today. Consistent use of this revolutionary practice aid will transform your technique, tone and performance. Order the New Ultimate B. . . . today.