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Blackstar Debut 10E Limited Edition Guitar Combo Amplifier Red


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Analog warmth and flexible tone shaping in a stylish practice amp.

The Debut 10E combo amplifier from Blackstar fuses sophisticated all-analog circuitry with high-end boutique styling for guitarists seeking tube-like tone in a practice amp. Its single-channel design keeps operation simple, with just a few knobs to shape your sound. The Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control sweeps between American and British voicings, allowing you to dial in everything from sparkling Fender cleans to the saturated crunch of Marshall. With 10W of power driven through two 3" speakers, the Debut 10E delivers rich, dynamic tone at home or the studio. It even includes a built-in tape delay effect, which thickens up your playing with ambient echoes.

Sophisticated Analog Design Delivers Warm, Natural Tube Tones

Unlike many amps in its price range, the Debut 10E uses an all-analog signal path to produce organic, tube-like sound. The lack of harsh digital distortion or sterile modeling means excellent note clarity and responsiveness. Strum a chord and it blooms with complexity. Pick individual notes and you'll hear the amp react to your dynamics. Even at higher gains, the overdrive retains a smooth, musical quality. It's the perfect platform for experimenting with pedals too, thanks to the amp's transparent character.

Flexible Gain Shaping With ISF Control

The Debut 10E gives you versatile tone-shaping options with its Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control. This unique knob lets you sweep the voicing from American sparkle to British midrange grunt. Fans of Fender's lively treble will enjoy the ISF turned left, while rightward settings capture that distinctive Vox and Marshall snarl. Find your sweet spot anywhere along the control's range. The amp's single volume knob sets your gain, from whisper-quiet to full-throated overdrive.

Built-in Tape Delay Effect Adds Rich Ambience

In addition to its great core sound, the Debut 10E includes a lush built-in tape delay effect. Based on classic echo units used by guitarists for decades, this effect adds dimension and space to your playing. It's perfect for subtle slapback echoes or more immersive walls of sound. Dial it in to suit any style, from rockabilly twang to ambient dream-pop. The delay even self-oscillates for unique noise effects. Add in the Debut 10E's vintage cosmetics and you've got tone that stands out from the crowd.

External Input for Playing Along With Music

With its stereo auxiliary input, the Debut 10E also excels as a practice tool. Plug in your smartphone, MP3 player or other device to jam along with songs or backing tracks. Control their volume independently while monitoring the combo through its internal speakers or headphone output. Whether you want to sharpen your skills or simply have fun playing music, the Debut 10E can cover it all.


  • 10W analog combo guitar amplifier
  • All-analog design for natural clean and overdrive tones
  • Patented ISF control for shaping tone
  • Built-in 'tape' echo effect