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Blackstar ID:CORE V4 Stereo 40 40W Guitar Combo Amp Black


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A next-level programmable guitar amp for immersive stereo sound.

The Blackstar ID:CORE V4 Stereo 40 takes their best-selling amp series to the next level. This innovative combo amp delivers incredible Super Wide Stereo sound to immerse you in your playing. Its powerful amp modeling and studio-quality effects offer versatile tones, from pristine cleans to saturated distortion. With built-in WiFi and USB-C connectivity, the ID:CORE V4 Stereo 40 makes livestreaming and direct recording simple. The intuitive controls give you access to six amp voicings, while the free editing software unlocks deep tone shaping with the next-gen Blackstar CabRig Lite. Take your playing to new heights with the Blackstar ID:CORE V4 combo.

Immerse Yourself in Super Wide Stereo Sound

The ID:CORE V4 Stereo 40 design creates an incredibly immersive playing experience. Its dual 5-watt speakers produce a stunningly wide, spatial soundstage that surrounds you. You'll feel like you're on stage performing live rather than just practicing at home. The enhanced presence and depth bring out subtle nuances in your playing for a more inspiring and enjoyable practice sessions.

Versatile Amp Modeling With Studio-Quality FX

This amp delivers an amazing range of tones, from vintage cleans to modern high-gain distortion. It features six amp voicings, including dynamic clean tones, fat crunch and more. The studio-quality effects like chorus, delay and reverb further widen the tonal palette. The ISF control lets you shape the character of each voicing for personalized tones. Whether you play rock, blues, metal or jazz, the ID:CORE V4 Stereo 40 provides the versatile sound you need.

Studio-Quality Tones With the CabRig Lite Simulator

Dial in authentic studio tones without mics or amps thanks to the built-in CabRig Lite speaker simulator. The advanced algorithm accurately captures the dynamic interaction between mics and speaker cabinets. Choose from a variety of cabs, mics and positioning options to craft your ideal direct sound. The USB and CabRig outputs let you record directly to your computer with rich, studio-quality tones. CabRig Lite makes it easy to get pro results at home.

Live Stream and Record Direct Via WiFi and USB-C

Built-in Wi-Fi makes live streaming to smartphones easy using a TRRS cable. The USB-C connectivity allows you to record directly to your computer DAW. Capturing your playing has never been simpler, whether you want to share online or produce studio-quality recordings. The free editing software also lets you craft your tone with the CabRig Lite cabinet simulator.

Intuitive Controls and Deep Editing Options

The straightforward control panel gives you quick access to essential parameters like gain, volume, EQ, effects and voicing selection. Dig deeper with the free editing software, which unlocks advanced features like effect speed/time adjustment, music playback volume and USB recording levels. Take your tone to the next level with the powerful CabRig Lite cabinet simulator.

  • Power: 20W (2x20W Super Wide Stereo)
  • Voices: Clean Warm, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD1, OD2
  • Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
  • tap tempo: Y
  • patch locations: 6 patches
  • power reduction down to 1W: Y
  • CabRig Speaker Simulator and Headphone Output: Y
  • Line in/Streaming: Y
  • Tuner: Y
  • USB-C: Y
  • Footswitchable: Y
  • Speaker: 2x Blackstar 6.5"
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: N


  • Programmable amp with studio-quality effects in beautiful Super Wide Stereo
  • Live streaming is easy using a TRRS 3.5 mm cable for input/output livestreaming to a compatible device (i.e. iPhone, Android phone)
  • User-configurable CabRig Lite is our next-generation Cab Simulator, with use
  • CabRig Lite enables fine tuning of the simulated relationship between microphone and speaker delivered through the direct USB-C and CabRig & Phones outputs
  • These amps use full-range, linear speakers so they're perfect for gaming audio or watching movies
  • Advanced secondary front panel controls, including Effect Speed/Time and audio levels
  • Hold down the Reverb button to engage the tuner
  • There's a unique recessed handle on the rear for easy carrying
  • Independent Music Playback Volume – Tap + Volume
  • USB Recording Level – Tap + Gain