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Buffet E12 France Intermediate Bb Clarinet Standard


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A collaboration yielding an instrument for developing musicians.

The E12F Bb Clarinet is the result of a partnership between Buffet Crampon's research and development team and production facilities in France and Germany. Its body is modeled after professional clarinets to provide easy playability, reliable performance and precise tuning for intermediate students. The key assembly and quality control are completed in Germany, setting high standards for young musicians ready to advance their skills. This clarinet comes with a lightweight backpack designed to make transporting the instrument simple while providing extra storage space for accessories.

Body Based On Professional Clarinets
The E12F has a body derived from Buffet Crampon's professional clarinet models, giving developing musicians an instrument that responds and plays similar to what they may use as their skills progress. This helps students become accustomed to the feel and sound of a higher-quality clarinet as their practice and performance improves.

Precise Tuning and Tonal Control
With a body modeled after professional clarinets, the E12F provides accurate tuning and tonal control. Its key assembly is completed in Germany according to high quality standards, resulting in an instrument that plays evenly in all ranges and produces a rich, focused sound ideal for students working to refine their technique and tone.

Lightweight And Portable
The E12F comes with an ergonomic backpack that makes transporting the clarinet convenient while providing extra storage space. The lightweight yet durable backpack has padded straps for comfort, side pockets for accessories and padded lining to protect the clarinet. Students can easily carry their instrument to lessons, rehearsals and performances.

Setting New Standards For Developing Musicians
A collaboration between industry leaders in France and Germany, the E12F clarinet sets high standards for intermediate students. Its professional-level body, precise tuning and portable design provide young musicians with an instrument to help them strengthen their skills as they advance to higher levels of play. The E12F clarinet delivers an experience that inspires dedication and artistry.

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  • Key: Bb
  • Pitch: 442 Hz
  • Body: unstained African Blackwood, treated and lacquered for optimal protection
  • Bore: concept developed with Buffet Crampon expertise
  • Keys: 17
  • Rings: 6
  • Thumb rest: adjustable, enabling the use of a neck strap
  • Keywork finish: silver plated
  • Keywork and mechanic: forged, copper plated then silver plated as for Prestige
  • Springs: blue steel for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Pads: leather
  • Pillars: screwed


  • Tough and reliable
  • Easy to play with accurate intonation
  • Adapted from professional models
  • Leather pads guarantee airtightness
  • Carefully selected and stabilized grenadilla wood
  • Colorless varnish to protect against cracks and scratches
  • Homogeneous throughout its range
  • Comes with case, mouthpiece and ligature