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Buffet R13 Professional Bb Clarinet With Nickel-Plated Keys Standard


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A premium clarinet handcrafted for unparalleled performance.

The Buffet R13 Professional Bb Clarinet with Nickel-Plated Keys is a world-renowned instrument favored by professionals for over 40 years. Handcrafted from the highest quality grenadilla wood, the R13 produces a rich, resonant tone that is evenly balanced across all registers. Its polycylindrical bore and undercut tone holes provide quick response, allowing for superior control and expression. The R13's ergonomic key design, featuring 17 keys and 6 rings plated in nickel silver, enables fluid playability and precise intonation. An adjustable thumb rest lets you customize the R13 for optimal comfort and technique.

Grenadilla Wood Construction Yields a Warm, Focused Tone
The R13 clarinet is crafted from premium grenadilla wood, chosen for its density, hardness and ability to produce a warm tone with minimal resistance. Grenadilla wood is exceptionally durable and resonant, resulting in a clarinet with powerful projection, rich overtones and a tone concentrated in the midrange. The R13's bore is also made of grenadilla wood, contributing to an overall balanced, focused tone.

Polycylindrical Bore Provides Evenness of Tone and Response
The R13 features a polycylindrical bore, a cylindrical shape with three distinct tapered sections. This innovative bore design helps produce an even tone and response across all registers of the clarinet. The wider, flared bell section opens up the lower register, while the narrower bore through the midsection focuses the tone. The bell section then gradually widens again for free-blowing ease in the altissimo register. The polycylindrical bore, combined with undercut tone holes, allows for superior control, expression and tonal nuance.

Ergonomic Keys Enable Fluid Technique and Precise Intonation
The R13 is equipped with 17 nickel-plated keys and 6 rings, an ergonomic key system designed for fluid playability and precise intonation. The keys are evenly spaced and balanced for comfortable hand position and efficient fingering technique. Nickel-plating helps prevent oxidation, keeping the keys smooth and responsive. The R13's keywork allows for accurate, centered notes and effortless slurs, trills and register changes. An adjustable thumb rest provides customized comfort and support for your hand.

Premium Accessories for Care and Transport
The R13 comes with a deluxe wood shell case lined in plush fabric, ideal for storage and transport. A high-quality ligature is also included, chosen for its ability to produce a round, brilliant tone. While the R13 does not come with a mouthpiece, its exceptional craftsmanship and intonation allow the clarinetist's individual mouthpiece preferences to shine through. All together, these premium accessories help protect your investment and support an unparalleled performance experience.

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  • Top-quality materials
  • Nickel-plated keys
  • Professional standard
  • Tone, power and projection across all registers
  • Quality case and HB ligature included
  • NOTE: Buffet does not include a mouthpiece with this instrument