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Catalinbread Bicycle Delay Pedal Standard


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A tripped-out delay that might help you realize just as much about life as it does awesome sounds.

An extremely moody delay, the Bicycle Delay is named after 'Bicycle Day' (April 19th, 1943), which is the day that British scientist Albert Hoffman took LSD and rode his bicycle home from the lab, marking the first ever acid trip. The Bicycle Delay is a physical manifestation of the experience of consciousness, letting go of the desire to control everything, experiencing the present and maintaining a positive attitude in order to leave room for a positive experience. The Bicycle Delay is as organic as a computer growing from a tree. Sonically the pedal is ever changing, even turning the knobs has an amorphous behavior. Go with it.

Lucidity (Wet/Dry Mix)
Yin and Yang. There is a balance. The weight of each side is symbiotic and ever changing.

Reflect (Number of Repeats; from One Rpeat to Self Oscillation)
Envision a staircase. REFLECT determines the number of steps in the staircase. Each step climbs or falls depending on MOOD.

Radiance (Repeats Filter) 
Darkness or light. Dulled or sharpened. You can find opacity or clarity here.

Mood (Determines Direction and Velocity of the Pitch Shift of the Repeats)
Mood determines the steepness of the staircase. Tailspin or ascending a thermal? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Even at the center there is chaos in the tranquility. Embrace it.

Expanse (Delay Time)
Where is the focus? Inward, close at hand? Or gazing outward at a far away horizon in the mind's eye? Somewhere in between? Your journey can be as short or as long as you care to make it. Take your time.

Speak and listen. There is opportunity and consequence to what you bring to the conversation. The quiet voice brings calm, reasoned responses; the bombastic can incite a strong reaction you did not anticipate. Many voices create a cacophony, the lone voice is heard clearly. Each can foster harmony or discord depending on what is being communicated.

Powering Up the Bicycle Delay
You can power your Bicycle Delay with any quality power supply designed for use with effects pedals. The output should be a negative tip DC from 9–18 V. The Bicycle Delay does not run on batteries. If you want more volume, headroom, and percussive attack, try running an 18 V power supply. A 9 V power supply will have a slightly softer sound that saturates more easily.

Pro Tip
You can set the Gain trimmer for a pre-determined amount of boost so when you hit the Bicycle Delay, your sound will get louder, juicier and have more impact. Great for emphasizing certain passages or for epic leads.


  • An immensely unique and ever-changing delay that reacts to your playing style and the control settings
  • Lucidity (Wet/Dry Mix), Reflect (Number of Repeats; from One Rpeat to Self Oscillation), Radiance (Repeats Filter), Mood (Determines Direction and Velocity of the Pitch Shift of the Repeats) and Expanse (Delay Time) controls
  • Runs on negative tip DC 9 V or 18 V power supply