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Catalinbread Perseus Dio Synth Sub-Octave/Fuzz Effects Pedal Black


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Shape your tone with flexible sub-octave blending and fuzz distortion.

The Catalinbread Perseus Dio offers guitarists a rich palette of synth and sub-octave sounds, all encapsulated in one pedal. Aimed at serious musicians in search of distinctive tones, this pedal features a three-channel mixer that allows blending of your dry signal, one octave down, and two octaves down. Users can manipulate each channel's volume to create a mix of blistering square waves, complementary octaves, and the original dry tone. Moreover, the robust low-pass filters enable transformation of the octave effects from an aggressive edge to a subtle backdrop. Eliminating the dry signal produces a bass-heavy thump, while utilizing the dry channel on its own can yield light distortion, perfect for driving any amplifier. The addition of true bypass functionality ensures that your original tone is preserved when the pedal is disengaged, providing ultimate control and sonic integrity.


Three-channel mixer for dry signal, one octave down and two octaves down Heavy-duty low-pass filters for each octave channel Transform blistering square waves to complimentary octaves with the twist of a knob Light distortion with enough volume to push any amplifier