Item #1408570 Model #VIVID4

CHAUVET DJ 4-Pack of Vivid 4 Modular Video Panels With Road Case Standard

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Quick and easy setup thanks to multiple magnets and positioning pins.

These modular video panels vividly display content without the need for bulky media servers. Multiple magnets and positioning pins effortlessly allow a tool-free, one-man setup. Create dazzling video displays with these lightweight video panels that feature black-body LEDs that accurately reproduce high-contrast videos. Vivid 4 makes a perfect DJ façade and seamlessly integrates with Serato for displaying music videos to add gig excitement.

Set up is easy and fast with multiple magnets and positioning pins that make getting up and running tool-free and effortless. Stellar reliability and quality are built into the Vivid 4 panel. Dual power supplies ensure downstream panels don’t lose signal. Intelligent modules with dedicated memory improve the image quality and simplify maintenance. Panels can be suspended vertically or horizontally offering different aspect ratio options. Multiple Speego connectors mean Vivid 4 sets up twice as fast as other panels.


  • Set of four (4) modular LED video panels
  • Multiple magnets and positioning pins
  • Tool-free setup
  • Black-body LEDs for high-contrast reproduction
  • Dual power supplies