Music & Arts is now an partner

Music & Arts is now an partner offers educators and administrators the most flexible and accountable funding through their proprietary, easy-to-use fundraising platform.

Three ways to receive funding for school supplies through

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Crowdfunding - Share your fundraising page with your own network of friends, family, and the broader school community.

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Corporate Sponsor and Foundation Donations - You may be selected to receive funding based on our partner’s criteria. Simply keep your account active by logging in every three months.

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Applying for Spotlight Fund Grants - Several times each year we invite grant teachers and principals to submit proposals for one of our Spotlight Fund grants including: STEAM, Inclusive Classroom, Highest- Needs, New Teachers, and Disaster Relief.

How Works:

Step 1: Register your classroom or school at and set up a profile page. It's quick and easy!

Step 2: Once you are registered, your account is automatically generated.. Only you have access to that account.

Step 3: Each time you receive a donation from any one of the three funding sources, will alert you by email. At that time, you will be prompted to send your donor a thank-you email.

Step 4: You begin shopping through their online marketplace. You choose how you spend your funds, as we believe teachers and principals know best what they need and want for their classroom or school.

Step 5: Your purchases will be shipped directly to your school, to your attention.

Step 6: Your donor will receive an email that lists everything you purchased with their gift. (Schools and districts may also request a full list of items ordered, listed by teacher and schools if they like).

For questions reach out to your local Music & Arts Educational Representative

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