Instrument Inspection Checklists

Instrument Inspection Checklists

At Music & Arts, we treat every instrument as if it were our own. Each repair receives a thorough assessment. Our evaluation includes a multi-point checklist to ensure that the customer is provide a detailed estimate for the instrument, including case and accessories. Please see below for our assessment & inspection checklists for winds and strings.

  • Brass Maintenance Inspection

    Before starting the Assessment Checklist:

    • Verify serial number, instrument, and customer repair ticket details all match
    • Review requested services and begin assessment of instrument to see if an estimate is required

    Initial Assessment Checklist:

    • Inspect instrument for grime, lime scale/calcium build up, and other dirt/debris
    • Assess for Damage
      • Structural (Impedes playability)
      • Aesthetically (Does not impede playability)
    • Inspect and account for all parts
    • Check that all solder joints are secure
    • Check Slides
      • Tuning slides should move easily
      • Kick slides should move easily with appropriate finger pressure
    • Valves need to move freely
    • Play Test as condition allows to further assess functionality/playability
    • Inspect case for damage, cleanliness, and functionality