Repair Services – Institution/Educator FAQ

At Music & Arts, we guarantee the highest quality service for musical instrument repairs. Our technicians and luthiers are seasoned professionals who have apprenticed with top instrument technicians​. Prompt service and affordable professional repairs are our highest priority. Please refer to our Institution/Educator FAQ for more details regarding our award winning services.

  • About us

    What makes Music & Arts repair shop the best choice for schools?

    We are the nation’s largest and most reliable network of professional experts, excelling in all forms of repair service. Our modern facilities, affordable pricing, warrantied service and detailed craftsmanship make Music & Arts the most selected repair and maintenance provider serving educational institutions and music educators.

    Are your technicians NAPBIRT (National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) members?

    NAPBIRT is a professional organization that provides continuing education for technicians with the goal of promoting the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service. Many of our technicians are members of NAPBIRT and participate in training and knowledge sharing across the instrument repair industry.