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Group Instrument Rental Program

At Music & Arts, we make it simple and affordable for ensembles to supplement their growing programs with our Group Instrument Rental program. Starting as low as $200 for the school year, our customizable plan allows instructors to determine the type, quantity and duration of the group rentals.

So, if you have a program that has grown unexpectedly, is planning long distance travel, needs to find a solution to “instrument sharing” or you are simply looking to provide an opportunity for more musicians, check out our FAQ section above and then click on the CREATE A QUOTE link to get started with your customized Group Instrument Rental plan today.


“I cannot recommend their GIR (group instrument rental) services highly enough. Without these additional instruments, our classes would be nearly impossible to accomplish with the influx of new students we've experienced. Thanks Music & Arts!!!!”

— Timothy Phillips, Associate Director of the Spirit of Lenoir-Rhyne Marching Band, Adjunct Instructor, and Technical Assistant for the Music Program Lenoir-Rhyne University

“Our strings program grew quickly the past few years, and our stock of school owned instruments had dwindled. Last year we were faced with the choice of students sharing instruments, or turning kids away from the program. Instead, we came up with a third option, a group rental from Music & Arts. It was a great solution for our situation and everyone was happy!”

— Za Goodbrake , Orchestra Director, Universal City School, St. Louis, MO