Coverage Details

Pro Audio Gear

Mixers, Monitors, Recording & Playback Gear, Signal Processors, Power Amps, PA Systems, Mics & Wireless Systems.

Covers: Commercial Use, Power Meters, LED & LCD Displays & Mechanisms connected to Sliders, Pots & Knobs.


Pianos, Synthesizers, Samplers, Midi-Processors, Workstations, Amps, Drum Machines & Sound Modules.

Covers: All Electrical Parts, Volume Pedals, LED & LCD Displays & Mechanisms connected to Knobs & Jacks.

DJ Gear

Turntables, Speakers, CD Players, Karaoke Machines, Headsets & Receivers.

Covers: Commercial Use, Power Surges, Power Meters & Switches, LED & LCD Displays, Mechanisms & Electrical Parts connected to Sliders, Pots, Faders, Jacks & Knobs.


Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Basses, Amps, Pedal Effects & Mics.

Covers: Unlimited Repairs, Free Shipping, Repair of Cracks in Acoustic Guitars (excluding finishes), Used Gear Coverage, Pick Ups, Switches, Power Surges & Mechanisms connected to Faders, Jacks & Knobs.


Covers: Speakers, Power Surges, Commercial Use, Power Meters & Switches, plus Mechanisms & Electrical Parts connected to Jacks & Knobs.


Electronic & Acoustic Drums, Drum Mics, & Drum Machines.

Covers: Free Shipping Acoustic - Replacement of Cracked Shells (Excluding Finishes) and Snare Mechanism. Electronic - All Electronic Drum Components, Jacks, Knobs & All Mics in a Drum Mic Kit are Covered.