Replacement Plan

Coverage Benefits* Replacement Plan Typical Manufacturer's
Defects in workmanship and/or materials
Shipping fees covered if required for replacement --
Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) for new gear --
Full purchase price reimbursement † -- no repairs necessary --
Mechanical or electrical failures including breakdowns from normal wear and tear --
Power surge protection --

Additional Benefits

  • 2-year Replacement plans for new, covered products under $200
  • Replacement coverage begins on date of purchase

*Limitations and exclusions apply, see terms and conditions for full plan details. Term begins on date of purchase but does not replace the in-store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

**Manufacturer’s coverage may vary.

If you purchased a Replacement Plan, as indicated on your sales receipt, then this section applies to you.

What is Covered: During the term of the Plan, through the administrator, we will replace the product, at our discretion, in the event the product experiences a breakdown which is not covered by any other insurance policy, manufacturer’s warranty or service contract. Coverage includes but is not limited to: commercial use; volume pedals; internal power supplies; power meters; switches; LED and LCD displays; and pickups and mechanisms and electrical parts connected to sliders, pots, faders, jacks, and knobs. This Plan also covers wooden cracks (excluding finishes) in guitars and drums, and defects to the headstock, neck or body of guitars caused by defects in workmanship and/or materials. If required, We will pay for the cost of shipping your product to the service center for replacement. Once the product is received at the authorized service center, we will issue you a reimbursement, at our discretion equal to the retail price of the product, including applicable sales tax, as indicated on your sales receipt. Any replacement product purchased with funds as a result of a claim being paid under the terms of this Plan will require the purchase of a new Plan in order for the newly purchased replacement product to be covered.

Term of Coverage:

The term of your Plan commences upon your date of purchase and continues for the period indicated on your sales receipt. Except for power surge and ADH coverage which begins on the date you purchase your product; all other coverage begins upon the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. This Plan is inclusive of the manufacturer’s warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty, but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty. After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, the Plan continues to provide some of the manufacturer’s benefits as well as certain additional benefits listed within the Plan’s terms and conditions. In the event that we provide you with a reimbursement for the retail price of your product, including sales tax, as indicated on your sales receipt, we shall have satisfied all of our obligations under this Plan.

Limit of Liability: The total limit of liability under the Plan is the retail price of the product indicated on your sales receipt, including sales tax. This Plan shall expire upon issuance of your reimbursement as described above.