Item #1350558 Model #CORE-SM20-16ADJ

Core SM20 Symphony Series Viola 16 in.

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Headline:A resonant, handcrafted viola designed for comfort and control.

The SM20 Symphony Series Viola from [brand name] is a premium, handmade viola crafted for discerning musicians. Built from aged, resonant spruce and maple tonewoods, it produces a rich, warm tone perfect for orchestra or chamber music. Its ergonomic shape and lightweight body provide hours of comfortable playability. An adjustable shoulder rest and chin rest allow you to customize the fit for your unique proportions.

Handcrafted From Premium, Resonant Tonewoods
The SM20 Viola is constructed using spruce and flamed maple woods that have been naturally aged for decades to enhance resonance and tonal qualities. The spruce top vibrates freely, producing a robust, articulate tone. Maple back and sides provide warmth and projection. These premium tonewoods are hand-selected and crafted into an acoustic chamber that amplifies the viola's natural resonance.

Ergonomic Design Maximizes Comfort
The SM20 Viola is designed for comfort and playability. Its lightweight body reduces strain on your neck and shoulders even during long practice sessions or performances. Curved edges and an asymmetrical shape conform to your body, allowing your arm to rest in a natural position. The adjustable shoulder rest and chin rest can be customized to fit your unique proportions for maximum comfort and control.

High-Quality Components Enhance Playability
The SM20 Viola is equipped with components carefully chosen for responsiveness and durability. The ebony fingerboard provides a smooth surface for intricate fingering. High-grade tuners keep the viola in tune through dynamic changes. A custom bridge transfers string vibration efficiently to the resonant body. These high-quality parts work together to produce an instrument with superior tone and playability.
Versatile and Expressive
With its rich, resonant tone and comfortable design, the SM20 Viola is ideal for any style of viola performance. Its articulate, balanced sound projects clearly for orchestral use yet is also well-suited for chamber music or solo work. A versatile, handcrafted viola, the SM20 Symphony Series provides musicians an inspiring tool for creative expression.

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