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Danelectro Nichols 1966 Fuzz Effects Pedal Black


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A reissue of the first fuzz pedal born in Laurel Canyon's 1960s music scene.

The Danelectro Nichols 1966 Fuzz Effects Pedal recreates the iconic fuzz tones of the mid-'60s for today's players. In 1966, Danelectro founder Steve Foxx designed a fuzz pedal unlike any other in his parents' California garage. The Nichols 1966 Fuzz Pedal revives Foxx's original 3-transistor circuit that produces a distinctive glassy fuzz ideal for psychedelic and garage rock sounds. With fuzz and drive controls that interactively shape your tone, this pedal opens up a world of vintage overdrive flavors. Any guitarist looking to channel the hazy days of the Summer of Love will love plugging into the Nichols 1966.

Revive Vintage Fuzz Glory

The Nichols 1966 Fuzz Pedal brings back the tone that shaped '60s rock. Its 3-transistor circuit delivers a lush, saturated fuzz reminiscent of early Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The fuzz control fully drenches your signal in a sea of fuzz while the drive control adds punch and dimension. Finding the sweet spot between these two knobs produces a range of overdriven sounds from a mild breakup to all-out fuzz mayhem. If you love the raw garage rock sounds of the mid-'60s, the Nichols 1966 will take you back there.

Simple Yet Highly Interactive

While the Nichols 1966 only has two knobs, they work together to create a variety of useful fuzz tones. The fuzz control adjusts the overall amount of saturation while the drive control adds midrange grit and compression. Rolling back the drive knob cleans up the fuzz for a milder overdrive that's great for rhythm playing. Cranking both knobs unleashes a wild, splattering fuzz lead tone. The interactive nature of these two simple controls gives you a lot of tonal flexibility from a pedal with a minimalist vibe.

Built to Inspire

The Nichols 1966 Fuzz Pedal's circuitry and controls are meant to inspire creativity. Its tone takes you back to the anything-goes spirit of mid-'60s rock, when fuzz pedals first hit the scene. The drive and fuzz controls make it easy to stumble upon new and exciting sounds. Whether you're looking to channel Jimi Hendrix or forge your own psychedelic sound, the Nichols 1966 Fuzz Pedal delivers the inspiration and tone you need. Plug in and turn on to a golden era of rock fuzz glory.


  • 3-transistor circuit designed for distinctive glassy fuzz
  • Fuzz (adjusts saturation), Drive (adds midrange grit and compression)
  • Mid-'60s fuzz tones, ideal for psychedelic and garage rock
  • recreates the iconic fuzz tones of the mid-'60s