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Darkglass Infinity 500 Bass Combo 2x10 Digital Amp Blue


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A powerhouse digital bass combo for limitless tonal shaping.

The revolutionary Darkglass Infinity 500 Bass Combo brings extensive digital versatility to bassists, redefining tonal possibilities with 500W of power. With an array of fine-tuning options, this 2x10 powerhouse combo offers seamless preset transitions, making it the go-to choice for bassists in both live gigs and studio sessions.

Revolutionary Digital Versatility With 500-Watt Power

Experience the future of bass amplification with the Infinity 500's full digital versatility. Dial in your tone of choice with intuitive front panel controls including Drive, Compression, EQ and more. Save and switch between presets seamlessly for both live and studio use. The Infinity 500's extensive capabilities let you shape your tone with precision.

Intuitive Front Panel Controls For Drive, EQ, Compression And More

The Infinity 500 puts unprecedented tonal control at your fingertips. Easily activate effects like drive and compression, adjust the 5-band EQ, set tweeter levels and more—right from the front panel. LEDs clearly indicate settings, while the Master control mutes and activates the built-in tuner. Creating your signature sound is smooth and intuitive.

Transition Smoothly Between Presets

Store up to 128 presets, each with customized compressor, drive, EQ and cab IR settings. The Infinity 500 Combo's preset switching is silky smooth, eliminating awkward gaps during transitions. Select presets using the front panel controls, integrated MIDI footswitch or remotely from your DAW. With seamless transitions, you can confidently switch tones midsong without disrupting your performance.

Sculpt Your Sound With Hands-On Tone Shaping

While presets enable quick sound selection, the Infinity 500 also provides extensive real-time tone tweaking with its interactive front panel. Use the Drive, Compression, Tone/Filter and EQ controls to put your unique stamp on a preset tone. The Master section offers tuner and mute functions for practical onstage operation. Connect external gear like a MIDI footswitch for hands-free control. The Darkglass Infinity 500 puts the versatility of digital in tandem with the immediacy of tactile controls. Whether fine-tuning a preset or starting from scratch, you've got the tools to dial in your ultimate live and studio tones.

Built For Seamless Integration Into Any Rig

The back panel of the Darkglass Infinity 500 Combo gives you the connections for integrating with any bass setup. Send dry and wet signals to a mixing board from the Pre DI and Post DI XLR outs. Connect to headphones or an external power amp for silent practice or stage monitoring. The line outs and effect loop link the Infinity 500 to pedals and modelers, while MIDI and USB provide remote control. The Darkglass Infinity 500 Combo aims to be the nerve center of your bass rig. Take your tones from studio to stage and anywhere your music demands with this forward-thinking bass amp.

  • Wattage: 500W
  • Speakers: 2x10"
Front Panel Features
  • Five-position Preset Selector switch: Y 
  • Input: Push to select effects loop ON/OFF
  • Compression: Push to select compressor OFF/Pre/Post drive position
  • Drive: Push to select drive mode: OFF/VMT/B3K and more
  • Tone/Filter: Push to select between adjusting drive tone or octave filter
  • Level: Push to select between adjusting drive level or tweeter level
  • Blend/Blend: Push to select between adjusting drive blend or octaver blend
  • Preset: Push to select IR for Post DI & Headphone OUT
  • EQ section: Low Shelf/250 Hz/500 Hz/1.5 kHz/3 kHz/High Shelf
  • Master: Push for Mute + Tuner.
Back Panel Features
  • Headphone Output: Y
  • Ground Lift switch: Y
  • MIDI IN: 7-pin DIN connector compatible with Darkglass MIDI footswitch
  • USB C connector: Y
  • Post DI OUT: XLR
  • Pre DI OUT: XLR
  • Line IN: Mono
  • Line OUT: Mono
  • Effect Loop (Send/Return): Y
  • External Speakon Combo Jack: Y


  • 500W of power
  • Five-position Preset Selector switch (Compression, Drive, Tone, Level, Blend)
  • EQ section: Low Shelf/250 Hz/500 Hz/1.5 kHz/3 kHz/High Shelf
  • Master: Push for Mute + Tuner
  • MIDI IN: 7-pin DIN connector compatible with Darkglass MIDI footswitch
  • Effect Loop (Send/Return)
  • External Speakon Combo Jack