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Death By Audio Octave Clang V2 Extreme Fuzz Effects Pedal Cream


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A modern evolution of the legendary Octave Clang circuit.

The Death by Audio Octave Clang V2 Extreme Fuzz pedal unleashes a menacing and thunderous fuzz tone that captivates your senses. Long coveted for its unconventional tones, the Octave Clang has been revitalized and supercharged, evolving into a more ferocious and usable beast for today's musicians. With extended controls and an added footswitchable octave, you can now easily sculpt discordant ringing drones, visceral octave scrapes and ground-shaking distortion.

Sculpt Discordant Drones and Visceral Scrapes

With the Octave Clang V2, you can easily shape a range of outrageous sounds from discordant ringing drones to visceral octave scrapes and ground-shaking distortion. The responsive controls allow you to overload the lows for a huge, blown-out tone or overload the highs for a cutting, articulate sound. The octave up mode adds a layer of controlled chaos.

Refined Circuitry Provides More Gain and Versatility

Death by Audio revisited the original Octave Clang circuit and refined it into a beast with enhanced tone and versatility. They extended the range of the original controls, added a footswitchable octave up mode and supercharged the circuit to provide up to +39dB of gain. The revitalized Octave Clang gives you more gain and a wider range of usable tones so you can create the mayhem you desire.

Simple Yet Powerful Controls Shape Your Sound

The Octave Clang V2 features intuitive controls that make it easy to manipulate your tone. Use the volume control to go from silent to extremely loud, pushing your entire signal chain into overdrive. The gain control adjusts the amount of gain added to your signal, enabling overdrive and fuzz. The tone control is a powerful pre-gain equalizer that shapes how much high and low end feeds into the distortion circuit.

Premium Design for Punks and Professionals

Embraced by punk rockers and professionals alike, the Octave Clang V2 features a premium design with high-quality components. It provides a distinctly unconventional set of tones for sonic explorers who want to stand out from the crowd. If you're after a pedal that produces insane tones and unleashes your creativity, the Death by Audio Octave Clang V2 Extreme Fuzz pedal delivers.


  • Extreme fuzz with octave up footswitchable effect
  • Gain and tone controls shape discordant drones and octave scrapes
  • Volume control provides totally silent to extremely loud output
  • Advanced bias control alters distortion character