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Death By Audio Robot Lo-fi Pitch Shifter Effects Pedal Black and Blue


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8-bit pitch generator pedal based on '80s toys.

The Robot Pitch Shifter from Death By Audio is a lo-fi 8-bit electric pitch regenerator with a clock refrequencizer. This cranky computer uses a voice transformation IC from '80s kids’ toys to calculate crazy pitch shifting, bit-crushing distortion, tunable octaves up and down and ring modulation. There’s also an insane arpeggiator for primitive digital sound mangling. It sounds complicated (and it is) but you don’t have to know binary code to program this machine. The CONTROL KNOB on the right side of the Robot adjusts the fidelity / pitch / speed of the each of the Robot’s four modes.

Normal: same pitch with 8-bit conversion and distortion. Turn the Control Knob all the way up for maximum fidelity or turn counterclockwise to corrupt the signal.
Octave Down: The Control Knob turned fully clockwise yields a nasty lower octave. Turning the Control Knob down bends the pitch further downwards.
Octave Up: The Control Knob turned fully clockwise produces an octave up. turning the Control Knob down bends the pitch lower.
Arpeggiator: The pitch arpeggiates in a sequence just like an old analog synthesizer. The Control Knob adjusts the speed of the arpeggiator.
  • Dimensions: 5.87" x 4.72" x 2.62" (including hardware)
  • Weight: 19 oz
  • Power: 9V (runs ons a positive ring, negative tip 9V DC adapter or included 9V battery)
  • Current Draw: 23 mA
  • Note: Requires a dedicated power supply and will not work with any daisy chain power system