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Denis Wick DW5504 Series Trumpet Straight Mute Aluminum Bottom


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A lightweight mute that enhances your trumpet's tone.

The Denis Wick DW5504 Series Trumpet Straight Mute allows you to practice and perform at lower volumes without sacrificing sound quality. This aluminum mute is lightweight yet resonant, designed to provide a full, crisp tone from your trumpet free of unwanted harsh overtones. Cork pads protect your instrument while allowing it to resonate freely.

Aluminum Construction Produces Optimal Tone
The DW5504 mute is constructed from high-purity aluminum, a material chosen specifically for the bright, resonant tone it helps produce from your trumpet. This lightweight yet durable mute won't muffle or deaden your trumpet's sound, even at lower volumes, allowing you to hear each note clearly as you play.

Cork Pads Prevent Scratches and Aid Resonance
Real cork pads line the areas where the mute comes into contact with your trumpet, protecting the instrument from scratches while still allowing it to resonate. The cork material helps transmit vibrations from your trumpet to the mute, which in turn enhances the mute's ability to project sound. You'll find this mute is highly responsive, with a feel that won't overwhelm the "blow.

Full, Crisp Tone in All Registers
Whether you play in the low, middle or high registers, the DW5504 mute helps your trumpet produce a clear, full tone without unwanted harsh or piercing overtones. This free-blowing mute provides an even, balanced sound and feel across all pitches and volumes, allowing you to focus on your technique and expression rather than struggling to control your tone.

Versatile and Portable
Weighing just 2.08 ounces, this lightweight mute is ideal for trumpet players on the go. Its compact size of 7" by 4" allows it to fit easily into your instrument case or gig bag. A versatile straight mute suitable for all styles of playing, the Denis Wick DW5504 Series Trumpet Straight Mute enhances your practice sessions and live performances.

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  • High-purity spun aluminum
  • Scotchbrite finished
  • Bright silver anodised