Item #1420510 Model #DZ 100

DI ZHAO DZ-100 Student Flute G C-Foot Offset G C-Foot


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The perfect instrument to start a young musician’s school band career.

The DZ-100 Debut series is the perfect instrument to start a young musician’s school band career. It features all of the standard features, including a fully silver-plated body and headjoint, and C footjoint, but rises above the competition with its special Di Zhao features.

Unlike other entry-level flutes, the DZ-100 series has fully hand-padded, partially-shimmed keys, ensuring a long-lasting and non-leaking lifespan. Each flute also comes with one of Di Zhao’s signature hand-cut headjoints, allowing you to easily play all octaves with the powerful, free-blowing, and rich tones of a professional. This is not just your typical entry-level flute, it is the beginning of a long journey of creating beautiful music through an instrument hand-crafted to allow your artistry to blossom.

With their unflagging commitment to both un-paralleled craftsmanship and affordable prices, Di Zhao Flutes is one of the fastest rising stars in the flute industry today. World renowned professional flutemaker Di Zhao, previously of Powell and Haynes Flutes, brings his own unique expertise and artistry to the student flute market.

With Di Zhao Flutes, each flute is made and plays like a professional handmade, featuring masterfully hand-cut headjoints, partially shimmed pads, and state of the art keywork.


  • All silver plated
  • Straight headjoint
  • C foot
  • Offset-G
  • Closed hole
  • Hand-cut headjoint
  • Partially-shimmed keys
  • Pisoni pads
  • Hard plastic case included
  • Cleaning kit included