Item #1485471 Model #DIEZEL HERBERT MKIII

Diezel Herbert MKIII 180W Tube Guitar Amp Head Standard


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The third iteration of the Herbert delivers even more refinement to the incredible tone and power.

The Diezel Herbert is a mighty 180-watt head with three completely independent channels, including separate EQs, for perfectly dialed sounds at any output level.

The original Herbert started out as a clean sheet of paper. Peter Diezel’s goal was to produce an a performance amp, capable of delivering delicate, dynamic shimmer; detailed, focused crunch and aggressive, soaring solo tones effortlessly right out of the box with the knobs at 12 o'clock. And if the popularity of the amp is any indication, he nailed it.

With the release of the Herbert III, Diezel is celebrating a few small tweaks to this classic design that make this powerhouse amp even better. You’ll still find the same store switches, the ability to loop and mute patches simply by hitting the store switch, and two different, programmable series effects loops.

But the addition of an overall tighter voice for a more articulate character and a MIDI-programmable +/- switch on channel two makes this Herbert better-sounding and more flexible than ever before.

CH 1: Channel 1 is classic Diezel clean as solid and pure as a piano. Massive headroom, crystalline sparkle, articulate mids it's all there, and it holds together beautifully. The Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass EQ points are carefully selected to allow the player to nail the desired voice. The mid cut feature presents even more dialing options.

CH 2: Channel two delivers a wide range of crunchy tones, from barely hairy to thick grind and singing solo territory via the dual voicing toggle switch. The (-) mode sets up everything from vintage cleans to JCM 800 snap and sizzle. The (+) mode has a similar voice, but with much more gain achieving Diezel trademark crunch with tight, punchy and fast attack. This is the dream tone for those who prefer the harder rhythm stuff.

CH 3: Channel 3 begins in high-gain territory with excellent picking sensitivity and note control. It could be described as percussive, ferocious, simply brutal. Need a bit more? Simply engage the second master as a volume boost. Channel 3 never runs out of muscular, meaty gain.

Mid-Cut: The versatile Mid Cut feature is assignable to all channels and has a level control for output matching when engaged.

Master Section: Master Volume 1 and Master Volume 2 are independent and fully switchable overall volume controls. This allows for 2 completely separate volumes to be set for any of the 4 independent channels.

Deep: The Deep Function allows control of how the Hagen amp reacts with the speaker cabinet. It adds bottom end to your cab giving more girth and bass response. This feature is highly useful when using different size cabinets. The Presence control adds just the right amount of sparkle to any of the 4 channels.

MIDI: MIDI allows for any of the 4 independent channels to be fully programmable and switchable with a midi foot controller. This gives you access to each channel with the capability to add any desired FX, as well as engaging the +/- control with the tap of your toe.
  • Power: 180W (tubes)
  • Tubes: six JJ KT77 (power amp)
  • Three channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead
  • Two effects loops: one parallel, one serial
  • MIDI in and thru with phantom power
  • Dimensions: 29" x 11" x 10.75"
  • Weight: 56 lb.