Item #1578259 Model #DBX-ERE-RE

Dreadbox Erebus 2-Voice Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer Reissue Standard

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A faithful recreation of a dark synth legend.

This Erebus 2-voice paraphonic analog synthesizer reissue from Dreadbox is a faithful recreation of the original—with some added modern features, like a hard sync function and a new ADSR envelope and AR amp envelope. It can be used either as a standalone unit or as a 42HP-sized Eurorack module, and features two VCOs with the ability to work paraphonically, and two waveforms per VCO. It also has separate glide controls for each VCO, making it easy to play and manipulate its sonic character. With USB power, it offers convenient portability and energy efficiency.
  • MIDI interface: MIDI In 3.5 mm type A socket, responds to Pitch, Note On/Off, Mod wheel, Pitch
  • Wheel, and to all channels + OMNI channel (via MIDI Learn)
  • Mono Audio in
  • Mono audio out: Can be also used with headphones, max output is 5vpp—depending on the
  • setting
  • All patch points are 3.5 mm mono action (except of the MIDI and AUDIO out)
  • GATE in: 0–5V
  • Gate out: 0–5V
  • CV IN, OSC1 and OSC2 inputs : +/-10v , works with 1v/ocv
  • CUT cv in: +/-5V
  • MOD wheel out: 0–5V
  • ENV out: 0–5V
  • LFO out: +/-5v
  • LFO rate CV in: +/-5V
  • PW in: +/-5V
  • Echo CV in: +/-5V
  • VCA CV in: 0-5V
  • Suggested room temperature for VCO stability: 12–35 Celsius


  • Full-analog synth, faithful reproduction of the 1st Erebus version (produced through 2014–2016)
  • Can be used as a standalone unit or as a Eurorack module, 42HP sized
  • Powered by a simple USB adapter for maximum portability and energy efficiency
  • 2 VCOs with the ability to work into paraphony
  • 2 waveform/VCO and Hard sync function (new from the old version!)
  • Separate glide controls for each VCO
  • 2-pole Dreadbox low pass, pre fed filter
  • Lo-fi delay
  • 1 ADSR envelope and a AR amp envelope, drastically improved from the original version
  • 1 x wide range LFO that can go well into the audio rate
  • 18 x patch point to interact with Eurorack gear
  • CV outs: LFO, Envelope, Modulation well, Gate, CV1 (1V/oct for oscillator1), CV2 (1V/oct for oscillator2)
  • CV ins: Osc1 (1V/ocv for osc1), Osc2 (1V/ocv for osc2), Echo time, Filter CUT off, CV (1v/ocv for both osc), GATE, LFO rate, PW (width of the square wave of OSC1), VCA