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Dream Pang China 20 in.


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Cast bronze effects cymbal combining traits of china and fast trash crash

The Dream Pang cymbal defies categorization—it's neither a china, nor a ride or swish. Instead, it combines elements of all three to create a new color in cymbal sounds. It features a unique inverted bell, radical china-like shape and thin profile, resulting in an extremely fast crash with a complex tonal palette. Thanks to the multiple playing surfaces, it can also function as a trashy ride. Can be mounted upside down for an entirely different set of textures. Adding sizzles or holes will transform the sound even further.
Sizes and Purpose
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Effects/other
  • Sizes (in): Multiple
  • Material: Cast alloy
  • Hammering: Hand
  • Lathing: Full
  • Finish: Natural


  • Unique effects cymbal combining elements of crash, ride and china
  • Inverted bell and gently sloping china-like profile
  • Deeply hammered by hand for extra trashy sound
  • Can be mounted upside down to offer extra playing surfaces
  • Fully lathed from cast bronze