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Faxx Trombone Mouthpieces, Small Shank 6.5Al


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A durable, projection-boosting mouthpiece for trombonists seeking an affordable upgrade.

The Faxx 6.5AL trombone mouthpiece provides players an economical path to upgrading their sound and performance. Its double-silver plated design withstands frequent use and cleaning, while the medium-deep cup helps produce a robust, focused tone with enhanced projection. Thanks to precision CNC manufacturing in Germany, each Faxx mouthpiece offers consistent quality and performance. For trombonists looking to boost their tone and projection without breaking the bank, the 6.5AL is an ideal choice.

Double-Silver Plating Built to Last
The 6.5AL mouthpiece's double-silver plated finish protects against tarnish and wear over time, even with frequent use and cleaning. Its durable plating allows trombonists to enjoy a professional-level mouthpiece for years to come at a budget-friendly price.

Deeper Cup for Powerful, Focused Tone
The 6.5AL mouthpiece's medium-deep cup helps produce a robust tone with strong projection and clear focus. Its cup depth gives trombonists' sound extra depth and body, allowing them to cut through ensembles with ease.

Precision Engineering for Consistent Performance
Faxx manufactures the 6.5AL mouthpiece in Germany using computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, ensuring high quality and consistency from one mouthpiece to the next. Trombonists can rely on the 6.5AL to deliver the same comfortable feel and powerful tone with each use.

An Affordable Path to Upgrading Your Sound
For trombonists seeking to improve their tone and performance without a hefty investment, the Faxx 6.5AL mouthpiece offers an ideal solution. Its durable, professional-level design and powerful, focused tone come at a price point accessible to musicians on any budget.

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