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Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser Effects Pedal Black


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Phaser with three distinct flavors to nail Waylon Jennings’ signature tone, or find your own.

Building on Fender’s original four-stage phaser circuit developed in the 1970s, the Waylon Jennings Phaser effects pedal provides three distinct flavors of phasing by switching between two, four or six phase stages. When combined with the Range and Feedback controls, these three phase voices cover the gamut of phasing tones used by Jennings on stage and in the studio. Skip right to the good stuff and turn on the Sweet Switch to jump right to the "sweet spot" of clean signal mixed with phase-shifting tones—perfect for adding the right amount of flavor to your favorite cowboy chords. Whether you’re looking to nail Jennings' signature tone, or find a new one all your own, the Waylon Jennings Phaser can dial in just the right phase for you.

Few artists can lay claim to defining the sound of a genre, but Waylon Jennings is the undisputed outlaw of outlaw country. Defining a tone all his own drenched in a signature sweeping phase-shifting effect, Jennings toured through the most prominent phaser effect pedals that the '70s and '80s had to offer. And now the Waylon Jennings Phaser pedal takes you along for that same ride by emulating the stompboxes he used to forge his own path.
Input Impedance
  • 1 mohm
Output Impedance
  • 1 kohm
Power Consumption
  • 100mA


  • Original, all-analog Fender circuit replicates vintage phaser tones and beyond
  • Phase Switch selects between 2, 4 and 6 stages of phasing
  • Sweet Switch jumps right to the "sweet spot" of phaser tones
  • Road-ready aluminum chassis
  • Top-mount input/output jacks and true-bypass switching
  • Powered by 9V battery or center negative AC adapter (sold separately)