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Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon Standard


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The Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon is an elegant intermediate short-bore bassoon for musicians looking to elevate their craft. Constructed from carefully cured maple for an exceptionally warm and even tone across its range, this bassoon features a short-bore design that provides increased projection and tonal flexibility. This bassoon features a full German key system and French style bell, and comes with two bocals and useful accessories to support musicians in their musical journey.

Resonant Maple Construction and Short Bore for a Rich Tone
The Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon features a maple body that has been carefully cured to resonate with a rich tone. Its short bore further enhances this warm tone while also increasing projection and tonal flexibility. The bassoon's maple construction and short bore provide a resonant, lyrical tone that will satisfy advancing bassoonists.

Full German Key System with Silver-Plated Keys
The Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon is equipped with a full German key system, including rollers on the right little finger F and Ab keys, the left little finger Eb and Db keys, the right thumb Bb and F# keys, the high D and E keys, and a Fox Type 1 whisper key lock. All keys are silver-plated for a polished finish. This German keywork, combined with the instrument's maple body and short bore, gives the bassoon a responsive feel with fluid technique and articulation across its range.

Premium Accessories for Practice and Performance
The Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon includes premium accessories to support musicians, including two professional T bocals , a high-quality bassoon reed, a hand rest, neck strap, seat strap, cleaning cloth, and swabs for the wing and boot joints. These accessories, combined with the bassoon's elegant maple body and German keywork, make the Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon an ideal step-up instrument for advancing bassoonists ready to bring their craft to the next level.

Thoughtfully Designed with the Musician in Mind
From the maple wood used in its construction to the silver-plated keys and included accessories, the Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon is thoughtfully designed with the musician in mind. Its resonant tone, responsive keywork, and premium features provide bassoonists an instrument well-suited for practice, performance, and elevating their musicality. The Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon—an elegant, rich-toned bassoon for advancing musicians.


  • Red maple body
  • Full German system, plus high D and E keys
  • Short bore
  • Natural rubber linings in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint
  • French bell (metal ring)
  • Body lock
  • Nickel silver keys with silverplating
  • Ring key for wing joint third finger hole
  • Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, Db
  • Right thumb Bb and F# in combination with a crowned E key
  • Bb guard
  • A-440 tuning plus or minus one cent
  • Flexible design may be used as high as A-443
  • Includes case, cover, and #2 and #3 CVX bore bocals