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Fox Renard Model 330 Oboe Standard


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Experience the freedom of an oboe built to last.

The Fox Renard Model 330 Oboe is designed to unleash your creativity. This intermediate oboe features a durable plastic resin body and modified conservatory key system with silver-plated keys, providing a stable platform for developing proper technique and exploring an array of musical expressions. Handcrafted with premium components by Fox's experienced artisans, the Model 330 delivers a balanced tone and nuanced response. Equipped with useful accessories for care and maintenance, the Model 330 is an instrument poised to fuel your passion for years to come.

Plastic Resin Body Offers Tone and Durability
The Model 330's high-quality plastic resin body produces a warm, resonant tone while withstanding the rigors of frequent use and environmental changes. Resistant to damage, the plastic resin body maintains its integrity through drops, temperature fluctuations and humidity, requiring little maintenance. Cork and bladder pads provide an airtight seal for optimized tone production and response.

Modified Key System Unlocks Expressive Potential
The Model 330's modified conservatory key system includes a plethora of keys to facilitate advanced techniques and full musical expression. Keys include a third octave key, left-hand F, F resonance mechanism, F# key tab, B tab, articulated C# mechanism and low Bb with vent key. Numerous trill keys further expand the oboe's capabilities. With a key for every note, the Model 330 puts the full range of the oboe at your fingertips.

Premium Components Built to Last
The Model 330 features premium components for precision, durability and longevity. Nickel silver keys with 18% nickel silver hinge tubing and heavy silver plating provide an ergonomic, responsive feel. Stainless steel springs and screws are corrosion resistant and securely fasten keys to the instrument. A silver-plated bell ring produces a broad, projecting tone. Built to exacting standards, these high-quality components will serve you well for years to come.

Useful Accessories Included
The Model 330 comes with useful accessories for care, maintenance and transport. A protective case with padded interior keeps the oboe safe when not in use. A premium reed case houses multiple reeds, while a silk swab and cork grease aid in cleaning and lubricating the instrument. A care cloth polishes keys and other metal parts, helping the Model 330 retain its sleek, shiny appearance over time.

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