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Friedman Tour Pro 1317 Platinum 13 x 17" Pedalboard With 1 Riser, Power Grid 10 and Buffer Bay 6 Small Black


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Pedalboard package with power grid and buffer bay included.

While most pedalboards have either a flat or a slanted surface, the Friedman Tour Pro 1317 Platinum pedalboard is made with two tiers: a bottom section that is flat and a top section that is angled (with all the holes needed for easy cable routing). This two-tier design allows a guitar player to have access to all pedals on the board, without ballerina style, toe-extending dance moves. Plus, to address the need for wah and/or volume pedals, the Tour Pro 1317 Platinum board includes a detachable riser, which can be mounted in various locations on the bottom tier. The Tour Pro 1317 Platinum package also includes a Friedman Power Grid 10 (isolated high-current 9V pedal power supply) and Friedman Buffer Bay 6 (buffer and patch bay).

The Power Grid 10 was designed to meet the demands of any player who wants a dead quiet pedalboard, that can be taken anywhere and is tour ready. With the Power Grid 10 you can mount your pedals right on top of the housing, including your favorite fuzz pedals, which are known to cause unnecessary proximity hum and infiltrate your other pedals. The Buffer Bay is an ultratransparent, natural and musical-sounding buffer, which can be turned on or off using the provided switch. The buffer solves the fundamental problem of loading loss caused by interconnected cables and some pedals. This "loss" siphons your guitar of fidelity, tone and volume level. This problem occurs even if all the pedals used are true bypass and the more pedals and longer the cable runs, the greater the losses.
  • Dimensions: 13" x 17" x 4.5"
  • Weight: 6 lb.


Made in the USA