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Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2x10 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Cream Bronco


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Vintage-inspired tube amp tones and flexible features in a portable 2x10 combo.

The Gibson Dual Falcon 2x10 combo amp delivers vintage tube tone and modern flexibility. Designed by Randall Smith and the Mesa Boogie team, this handcrafted amp is inspired by Gibson's iconic Falcon amps from the 1960s but provides upgraded features and enhanced sound. Whether you're a blues, rock or jazz musician, the Dual Falcon's 12W of power and pair of 10" Jensen Blackbird speakers will give you lush, dimensional sound at home or on stage.

Vintage-Inspired Tone with Modern Control

The Dual Falcon's two channels each provide volume and tone controls for crafting warm cleans and smooth overdrive. Select between full, half or low power—15W, 6W or 2W—for each channel to achieve cranked-amp tone at lower volumes. Add in the amp's spring reverb and tremolo for extra sonic depth and motion. An effects loop also gives you options for fine-tuning your tone with pedals. The Dual Falcon's simple but versatile controls make it easy to dial in the perfect sound for blues, rock, jazz or any genre.

Touch-Sensitive Dynamics with Power Amp Overdrive

The Dual Falcon's cathode-biased 6L6 power amp tubes deliver the sensitivity and nuance that discerning musicians crave. When you turn up the volume, these tubes will break up into rich, harmonic overdrive. The Dual Falcon gives you three levels of power so you can achieve this overdriven tone at volume levels from quiet practice to club gigging. The amp's overdrive has a musical, compressed quality with enough gain on tap for most styles of playing.

Vintage-Voiced Speakers for Full, Resonant Sound

The Dual Falcon's pair of 10" Jensen Blackbird speakers are designed to reproduce the warm, complex tone of vintage amps. These speakers have paper cones and alnico magnets for fullness, resonance and sensitivity. Paired with the Dual Falcon's 12W of tube power, these speakers will give your tone dimensionality, depth and touch-responsiveness. They are equally suited to jazz comping, blues soloing or rock rhythm playing.

Experience Gibson's rich history of amplifier design with thoroughly modern performance and features. The Dual Falcon 2x10 combo amp delivers the vintage-inspired tone and dynamics that serious guitarists crave along with the flexibility for any musical style. This handcrafted amp is built to the highest standards for tone and reliability, giving you an instrument you'll enjoy for years to come.

  • Origin: Handcrafted in Petaluma, California
  • Amplifier Type: All-tube
  • Power Tubes: 2x 6L6 (optional 2x 6V6)
  • Preamp Tubes: 4x 12AX7
  • Power Class: Pure Class A
Power Output Options
  • Full Power: Approximately 15 watts (2x 6L6 push-pull, Class A, Pentode)
  • Half Power: Approximately 6 watts (2x 6L6 push-pull, Class A, Triode)
  • Low Power: Approximately 2 watts (1x 6L6 single-ended, Class A, Pentode)
  • With Optional 6V6 Power Tubes: Approximately 12 watts, 5 watts, 1 watt respectively
  • Biasing: Cathode biased, maintenance-free
  • Inputs: Normal or Low (Cleaner)
  • Channels: Two, with independent controls
  • Global Tremolo: Depth & Frequency (Speed) controls
  • Reverb and Tremolo: Tube-driven, footswitchable
Additional Features
  • Effects Loop: Buffered, series
  • Monitor Output: Slave output, fixed attenuated from speaker output
  • Control Faceplate: Polished stainless steel
  • Chassis: Aluminum
  • Footswitch: 3-button included (Channel 1/2, Reverb, Tremolo)
  • Speakers: 2x 10" Jensen Blackbird 40 Alnico
  • Accessories: Slipcover included


  • 12W, 2-channel combo with selectable power modes for versatile vintage tone
  • Handcrafted in California with Jensen Blackbird 40 alnico speakers for dynamic sound
  • Footswitchable reverb and tremolo with speed and depth controls add dimension
  • Ultra-simple signal path with volume and tone controls per channel for flexible overdrive