Item #1602133 Model #AMS-STREAM-100

Hercules DJ Stream 100 Customizable 8-Track Audio Mixer for Streaming, Content Creation and Gaming (Windows PC) Standard


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An intuitive audio controller engineered for seamless livestreaming.

With the Stream 100 customizable 8-track audio mixer, Hercules DJ brings its expertise in real-time audio control to the world of livestreaming. This innovative controller features an ergonomic design and streamlined interface specifically engineered for managing audio for content creation, gaming and livestreaming. Right out of the box, the Hercules DJ Stream 100 works seamlessly with top streaming software and USB microphones for flexible setup possibilities.

Dual-Page Design Minimizes Clutter With Eight Channels

The Hercules DJ Stream 100 features an ingenious dual-page design to provide 8-tracks of audio bandwidth while minimizing visual and physical clutter. This allows you to manage a full array of audio sources without compromising the controller's processing power or creating unnecessary complexity. The intuitive two-page interface gives you access to everything you need for a professional streaming setup without overwhelming you.

Customizable VU Meters Enable Real-time Audio Feedback

To help you dial in levels precisely, the Hercules DJ Stream 100 has customizable VU meters that provide real-time visual feedback. You can display up to four active VU meters simultaneously for intuitive audio management. The dynamic meters make it easy to visualize and adjust levels on the fly while livestreaming.

Tactile Rotary Knobs Give You Precision Control

The Hercules DJ Stream 100 is designed with tactile, coated rotary knobs that give you satisfying physical control over your audio. The knobs enable detailed, precision level management thanks to their smooth rotational motion and sturdy construction. Whether you're riding faders or tweaking EQs, the rotary knobs provide a hands-on experience that makes mixing audio intuitive.

Full Customization Options for Professional Streams

A vivid LCD screen on the Hercules DJ Stream 100 allows full customization to match your branding. Easily set up your profile by uploading images and logos and choosing custom colors and icons. Use the dedicated on/off button for the screen to prevent visual disruption of your stream. Profile tools streamline professional branding and image management. Show off your unique style and deliver polished streams with the Hercules DJ Stream 100.

  • Type: Streaming Mixer
  • Channels: 8
  • Computer Connectivity: USB
  • Screen: 4.3" LCD
  • OS Requirements, PC: Windows 10 or later
  • Power Source: USB-C power supply (included)
  • Height: 4.4"
  • Width: 4.3"
  • Depth: 3.5"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.


  • Eight tracks of audio bandwidth with dual-page design minimizes clutter
  • Real-time visual feedback with four active VU meters for level management
  • Rotary knobs and buttons for tailored launch controls
  • Preloaded with streaming software, USB mic compatible