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Hercules DJ DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition 2-Channel Motorized DJ Controller With Premium Fader Module and Travel Bag Gold


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An intuitive DJ controller that replicates vinyl turntables for learning to mix and scratch.

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition motorized DJ controller allows you to sharpen your DJ talents with a realistic vinyl turntable feel. Its motorized platters simulate the experience of mixing on actual records. The Inpulse T7 features an authentic battle-style layout in a slim, portable design with retractable feet for easy transport. It includes high-end components like gold accents, a premium fader module and onboard effects module. With the innovative stems feature in Serato DJ and DJUCED software, you can separate tracks into different musical elements to create unique mashups. Visual beatmatching guides and intelligent mixing assistants make the Inpulse T7 a great choice for aspiring DJs learning the craft.

Practice Scratching and Beatmatching Like on Vinyl

The DJControl Inpulse T7 gives you the authentic tactile experience of DJing with real records. Its motorized platters spin just like turntables, from 0 to 33 1/3 RPM in a split second. Put your fingers on the included slipmat and 7" vinyl to pause, play, scratch and ride the pitch like on an actual turntable. The platters provide visual feedback as you learn beatmatching. Slow down or speed up the tempo using the surrounding ring or vinyl label or use the traditional pitch fader. With the Inpulse T7's realistic vinyl emulation, you can learn the same skills professional DJs use in clubs and studios.

Mix Music Like a Pro With Premium Controls

Designed for honing your mixing abilities, the Inpulse T7 features a central mixer section with an intuitive layout like a professional DJ mixer. Its crossfader and volume faders use high-quality components for smooth, accurate control. Integrated RGB pads give you tactile control over cues, loops and stems. Apply cool effects like spiralizer and sidechain compression with the onboard controls. The T7's premium features like gold accents and included gig bag give it a luxurious, pro-level feel. When you're ready to perform live, the Inpulse T7 provides a user-friendly mixing interface in a portable format.

Unleash Your Creativity With Revolutionary Stems

Stems technology lets you break down tracks into different musical elements like vocals, drums, bass and melody. Load up compatible songs in Serato DJ or DJUCED and you can create incredible mashups by mixing and matching stems from different tracks. Blend the vocals from one song with the beat from another for exciting new combinations. The stems feature unlocks the creative potential of the Inpulse T7, letting you put your own spin on popular songs. Become an original remix artist and give your audiences a unique performance every time.

Smart Features Help You Mix Like a Pro

The Inpulse T7 equips aspiring DJs with intelligent tools for mixing tracks smoothly. Its Beatmatch Guide provides visual indicators under the platters to properly sync tempos. An Assistant suggests which songs in your library to play next based on compatible keys and BPMs. For learning the fundamentals, the Inpulse T7 is packed with guidance that will turn beginners into seasoned DJs. Its easy workflow unlocks unlimited creative possibilities for professionals as well.


  • Motorized platters simulate vinyl for learning DJ skills
  • Genuine mixer layout with battle-style controls
  • Premium components like gold accents and premium fader module
  • Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED software included