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Holton H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn Standard


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The inimitable Holton Farkas is here.

The H179 Farkas Series Fixed Bell Double Horn from Holton is a professional-level F/Bb French horn ideal for discerning musicians. Featuring a .468" bore and Kruspe wrap, this horn produces a rich, dark timbre with ringing overtones and an open, centered tone that cuts through any ensemble. The H179's large, 12.25" nickel-silver bell generates subtle yet powerful projection, allowing for a muscular yet nuanced performance. Holton offers this exceptional double horn, which combines high-quality components and masterful craftsmanship to achieve an unparalleled level of tone and response.

Free-Blowing Feel From Nickel-Silver Leadpipe

The H179 features a nickel-silver leadpipe that provides an incredibly free-blowing feel, enabling effortless high range and rapid tonguing. This leadpipe, combined with the horn's .468" bore, allows for a focused, brilliant sound with ringing overtones.

Dark, Centered Tone From Kruspe Wrap

Equipped with a Kruspe wrap, the H179 produces an open, velvety tone with a solid tonal core. The Kruspe wrap, popular with larger throat bell horns, is known for generating a darker, more rounded sound compared to the brighter Geyer wrap commonly found on smaller throat bell horns.

Responsive Valve Section for Fluid Playability

The H179 features tapered, hand-lapped rotors to ensure an airtight seal and quick response. Full-string linkage provides fast, quiet action, enabling rapid tonguing, trills, and other advanced techniques. These high-performance valves respond instantly to the subtlest changes in embouchure pressure and air speed for optimal control and playability.

Premium Components for a Lifetime of Use

Constructed from durable yet resonant nickel silver, the H179 is built to withstand decades of regular performance use. The horn includes a sturdy hardshell case for safe transport and storage. When paired with routine maintenance, the H179 will provide a lifetime of rich, powerful tone.

  • Bore: .468"
  • Key: F/Bb
  • Pitch: A445 with independent Bb tuning
  • Bell: 12.25" diameter
  • Bell Type: Fixed
  • Bell Throat: Large
  • Bell Material: Hand-hammered nickel silver
  • Leadpipe: Fixed
  • Leadpipe Material: Nickel silver with .310 Venturi
  • Wrap: Kruspe
  • Linkage: String
  • Features: Solid nickel silver inner and outer slides; water key on leadpipe
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Farkas medium deep cup
  • Finish: Nickel Silver


  • Fixed bell, double horn in F/Bb with large bore
  • Nickel silver bell, valve section and mouthpipe
  • Nickel silver slides
  • Kruspe-style valve section
  • String linkage for quiet valve operation
  • Clear lacquer finish