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Howard Core Brazilwood Cello Bow 4/4 Octagonal

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Experience the warmth and depth of tone only premium wood and horsehair can provide.

The Brazilwood Cello Bow combines high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to produce a bow that draws out the rich, resonant tones for which the cello is renowned. Made from Pernambuco wood responsibly sourced from Brazil, its octagonal stick is perfectly balanced to provide a sensitive response and precise control. Top-grade Mongolian horsehair and an ebony frog and tip complete the bow, with the dense, durable ebony wood enhancing the overall performance and tone. For cellists seeking an upgrade that makes a world of difference, the Brazilwood Cello Bow is an investment in your artistry that will pay dividends for years to come.

Pernambuco Wood Stick Resonates with Warmth
At the heart of the Brazilwood Cello Bow is a high-quality Pernambuco wood stick. Pernambuco wood is prized for bow making due to its ideal combination of strength, flexibility and ability to resonate sound. The octagonal shape of the stick enhances grip and control while playing. Responsibly sourced according to international regulations, the Pernambuco wood used gives this bow outstanding tonal qualities with a warm, rich sound.

Top-Grade Horsehair Responds with Nuance
The bow hair on the Brazilwood Cello Bow is made of high-grade Mongolian horsehair, providing a sensitive and nuanced response. Horsehair is the ideal material for stringed instrument bows, with Mongolian horsehair considered a premium choice for its strong yet supple qualities. The horsehair on this bow is carefully matched in weight, length and quality to optimize tone, playability and durability.

Ebony Frog and Tip Complete the Design
The bow's frog, tip and adjuster are made of dense ebony wood. Ebony is an excellent choice for these components due to its hardness and ability to absorb vibrations. The ebony on the Brazilwood Cello Bow contributes to the overall quality and performance, with tightly grained wood that is polished to a smooth finish. The bow's understated yet elegant esthetic allows the premium materials and craftsmanship to shine through. Experience for yourself the rich, nuanced sound a premium cello bow can produce. The Brazilwood Cello Bow combines high-quality wood, horsehair and craftsmanship for a sensitive, responsive bow that draws out the deep, resonant tones of your cello. An investment in your artistry that will inspire your playing for years to come.

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