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Howard Core Pernambuco Violin Bow 4/4 Round

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A handcrafted violin bow designed for expressive playing.

The Pernambuco Violin Bow is a premium violin bow crafted from high-quality pernambuco wood and carbon fiber for violinists seeking an exceptional tone. Handmade by master bow makers, this octagonal violin bow provides a balanced weight and responsiveness that allows you to articulate each note with precision. Its horsehair bow grip is coated in rosin, letting you draw smooth and controlled strokes across the strings.

Pernambuco Wood Construction Produces Rich, Warm Tone
At the heart of this violin bow is pernambuco wood, a dense hardwood prized for violin bows due to its ability to produce a rich, warm tone. The wood is hand-selected and aged before being shaped into an octagonal stick that provides stability and responsiveness. When drawn across the strings, the pernambuco wood helps create resonance and projection suited for solo or ensemble playing.

Horsehair Bow Grip Enables Smooth, Precise Control
The bow grip consists of high-quality horsehair that is tightly wound and bonded to the frog. Before use, the horsehair is coated in rosin which provides friction to grip the violin strings. This allows you to articulate notes with precision and achieve a smooth, singing tone. The horsehair can be tightened or loosened to suit your playing style using the fully carbon fiber frog and adjuster.

Available in Different Weights for Personalized Feel
This violin bow comes in a range of weights to accommodate different violinists and playing techniques. A heavier bow may provide more power and projection for ensemble playing while a lighter bow could enable greater articulation and dexterity for solo work. Select a weight that provides the right balance of control and tone for your needs.

Premium Components for Lasting Performance
From the pernambuco wood to the horsehair bow grip to the carbon fiber frog, premium materials are used throughout this violin bow. The carbon fiber components provide exceptional durability without compromising tone. With proper care and maintenance, this violin bow will retain its quality of craftsmanship and remain a responsive, expressive instrument for years of playing.

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